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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Laurie tells Brian and Carisse that if they feel inspired, they can put the light up. Guess the fan's already down. Carisse says she's not touching it, and Brian can do it. Laurie says she's going to let them duke that out, and adds, "Thank you for working with me today on that, since I know that was a difficult issue for you to hurdle...but I appreciated're making the right choice." ["Geez, she's all giving them the Jedi mind trick." -- Wing Chun] Brian: "We gave in. What can we say?" Laurie recasts this: "No, you're having an open mind." Brian agrees. What I don't understand is: people can put things in their contract that they don't want touched. How come all these ceiling fan-lovers don't put that in? Or is it the case, as someone in the forums wondered, that they can't specify that something has to remain in the room, only that it must remain unaltered? In which case, if they take down a ceiling fan and don't change it in any way, there's no contract violation.

It's the next day, and Vern arrives to see the little cubes all nicely arranged on the wall. My husband is impressed with how precise they look. I'm like: "Dude, it's Vern. Those things are probably less than 1/32 of an inch off." Karine is touching up the paint around the cubes. She says they're tired. Vern says that the headboard looks really, really nice. He shows them the candlesticks for the top row of cubes.

Laurie finds Brian and Carisse sitting in the living room. Well, Brian's sitting; Carisse is curled up on the floor with her head in his lap. Get this lady some Geritol. She says she's so tired. Brian calls her a wimp. Laurie laughs and tells him not to call his wife a wimp. Laurie says that everything looks fantastic; she thinks the first thing they'll do is apply the crackle glaze to the coffee table, since that will take some time to dry. She runs off to grab supplies; Carisse goes back to napping.

Vern is showing how the fluorescent tube lighting will sit underneath a sort of display surface that's built into the top of the headboard. There's a ledge a few inches deep, and the surface is made of white plexiglas. The tube lights sit in a hidden shelf underneath and glow up through the plexiglas. The plexiglas surface is bordered with MDF trim painted black, as is the rest of the straight, simple headboard.

Laurie shows Brian how to apply the crackle finish.

Vern and his team install the fabric-covered pieces of the "canopy" frame. MPDP stands around commenting and declaring that they're making progress.

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