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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Laurie and Brian apply the black paint over the crackle glass, so that when it cracks, the veins will be black. Laurie's pleased with how it's going.

Vern explains to MPDP that the rods and drapes are going to cover up the inside of the "canopy" thing; currently it isn't very attractive, what with the brackets and fasteners and all.

Laurie exclaims about how much she loves the crackle finish. ["If I recall correctly, Laurie did my second least favorite Laurie-ism in this scene -- singing her words. For those of you playing the home game, my least favorite Laurie-ism is when she talks to her team like she's a kindergarten teacher." -- Kim]

MPDP inquires about the desktop. Vern tells her to go find out about that from Amy Wynn.

The bumper when we come back from the commercial is MPDP primping and futzing with her hair, as though she's in front of a mirror instead of the camera. So many comments spring to mind that my synapses misfire. In the living room, Brian and Carisse help Amy Wynn lift the top part of the first cabinet into place.

Vern installs a short, wide, white cylindrical lampshade where the ceiling fan was. The shade looks like it's some sort of handmade paper.

There's a shot of Carisse in profile where she looks a lot like Janel Moloney of The West Wing, and when she speaks, she even sounds like Moloney for a moment. ("Worlds...colliding...") Carisse wonders if the crown molding will fit on top; Amy Wynn says it will, and that she didn't put it on yet because otherwise they wouldn't have been able to fit the piece into place.

Dominic and Vern centre the headboard between the windows.

It's time for Laurie Creates Art. Laurie says she's trying to create a "shock" of modernism in the room. When she says "shock," MPDP -- graduate of the Joey Tribbiani School of Thespian Subtlety -- mimes the emotion with big eyes, open mouth, and hands to her face. As we see Laurie painting huge black brushstrokes in random patterns on a stark white stretched canvas, MPDP voice-overs, "With a few brushstrokes, Laurie turns a blank canvas into an instant masterpiece." Something about her voice in the last couple of words makes me think she had a hard time sounding convincing. Laurie: "I don't even have any rhyme or reason to what I'm doing here." No. Kidding. She continues, "I'm just...." MPDP calls out, "Clean-up in aisle twelve!" Laurie laughs.

Amy Wynn is putting the desktop across the dresser. It's in two pieces, which isn't what I was expecting; I thought it would be one piece. Now that I see that it spans the length of the wall, though, it would have to be two pieces. Vern wonders if the pieces are going to be biscuit-joined. Amy Wynn seems to think that's the way it was supposed to be, and goes off to get something.

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