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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Laurie's got a canvas full of random black brushstrokes. MPDP says, "I've never seen you let go so much!" Yeah, she's outta control. Laurie admits that it's not the tight little box she normally does. MPDP: "We all grow and expand on Trading Spaces." Laurie echoes this. ["I was expecting a pregnancy joke here. They're letting me down." -- Kim]

Vern suggests that they get some paint and finish the desktop.

Laurie's outside with a bunch of curly willow branches, which she describes as "real dramatic." They're going to go on two large vases that will sit on the console behind the sofa.

Amy Wynn and Brian install the crown molding on the cabinets.

Paige Cam. It's trained on the top drawer of Vern's dresser-cum-desk. She says, "Open that." Vern opens the top drawer. The dresser is set so far back underneath the desktop -- which is much deeper -- that you can only reach about halfway into it. MPDP laughs a mirthless little laugh. Vern says with a sarcastic smile, "You like that? Installed by our lovely carpenter." Yikes! I don't remember ever seeing Vern this annoyed with Amy Wynn. Doug cackles privately. Vern says, "That's the way it goes. We're going to have to fix it." MPDP asks how. Vern says they have to take the top off, pull the dresser farther forward, and nail it back in. He continues grinning sarcastically. I wonder how this screw-up happened. ["I don't like nasty Vern. Bring back funny, sarcastic Vern!" -- Kim]

Outside, Laurie has Carisse spray-painting the curly willow a nearly fluorescent orange. Laurie says it's a high-gloss enamel, and she wants them to look lacquered. Carisse says, "It's a fluorescent, construction orange, Laurie." Laurie: "Oh, no, it isn't." Carisse, be sure to get the paint on that dropcloth as messily as possible, because Frank's going to want to use it as decorator fabric next season.

Back to Paige Cam's coverage of Dressergate 2002: Karine and MPDP kind of wiggle their arms in and say that Carisse has long skinny arms. Vern: "Well, the fact of the matter is, Paige, this is not a viable and workable solution. This is not how this piece was supposed to be installed with this top. And we don't leave people behind with a dresser that's not functional. It's just not the way it should go. So we're going to fix it. There's no two ways about it." Can I get an "amen"? Hildi: "No."

Carisse and Brian are sitting on the tailgate of Amy Wynn's pickup. They're complaining they're beat. Laurie comes and drags them inside.

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