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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Vern, Karine, and Dominic thread curtains onto a rod as MPDP, the voice of chronometric doom, reminds them they're running out of time. They know. Vern says that they should have been done a few hours ago: "That's the way it goes. Sometimes you can't control everything that goes on." Which sucks. I'm with Vern on that. He adds, "Maybe next season I'll come back as a carpenter. What do you think about that?"

Time for the room loading. During the sequence, we see, among other things, MPDP watering the African violets in the usual way plants are watered: from the top. I know Gayla (from You Grow Girl) would want me to tell you that they're supposed to be watered from the bottom -- you put some water in a saucer underneath -- even though I often break this rule and water mine from the top. Could be why my damn violets hardly ever bloom. Finally, everything's done, and everybody hugs. MPDP puts some stuff in the Trading Space truck and announces that time's up. The bumper to the commercial shows Brian hanging up the new lamp as Carisse shakes her head and Laurie makes semi-reassuring gestures.

The bumper back into the show is Laurie and MPDP in debriefing position, with Laurie doing some kind of weird vogueing, while MPDP points to something on her forearm, and appears to be discoursing about her moles or something.

We do Vern's room first. The bed has been moved to the space between the windows. I see now that the scheme is mostly grey and eggplant (the previously described "purplish wine colour"; the reddish wine colour is more of an accent). There's a tall black headboard, with lots of white flowers in little purple containers lined up along the lighted Plexiglas shelf. It does make a nice display, I only the only one who worries about these sort of things falling down on her head? The bed is stacked with pillows in the grey menswear fabric, bordered with the eggplant fabric; below that are pillows in the striped fabric, and in front of that is the Laverne pillow. The duvet cover is grey flannel on one side, eggplant on the other. The paper shade hangs down above the end of the bed, 'cause that's where the junction box was. There are eggplant drapes at each corner of the bed. Along the wall where the bed used to be, the desktop/dresser thing takes up the whole wall. It's painted black, it's been moved forward, and it's lined with about two dozen little candles in glass holders. In the spaces at each end not occupied by the dresser, a chair painted black is tucked in. The big round mirror is remounted above it. There's a vase of what look like orchids. The blue colour-copied art is in frames at each end of the wall. The reupholstered chair is near the bed on the other side. But there are no nightstands; I couldn't function without a bedside table to put all my junk in and on. Also, they used to have cupboards and drawers and shelf space on each side of their bed, and that's all gone now, without adding any storage. I'm thinking that desktop is going to get pretty cluttered. On the wall opposite the bed are the cubes with their flower pots and candlesticks. It's very dark and dramatic and cozy and a huge improvement over what they had. It's not my favourite Vern room, but it's pretty nice, and I bet they're going to like it. ["I didn't like the placement of the bed, because it made the room look a lot smaller, but it could have just been the camera angle, and once you were in the room, it wasn't a problem. I trust Vern's judgment in terms of space planning." -- Kim]

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