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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

MPDP says Vern did well on budget -- $989.12 -- and that he's fine on time, but that he definitely ran into snafus. Vern agrees, and points out that it was just the same thing "snafuing" over and over again. MPDP says it's like the dresser was jinxed. Vern says that he loves the pillows on the bed, and that they were the inspiration for the room. MPDP says that the canopy is cool. Vern says that it's a very easy project that anyone can do at home, and it still gives the effect of a canopy bed. He adds that the purple cotton chenille fabric that he's used so generously in the room was about $1.25 a yard. He also loves the headboard, and the fact that you can sit in bed and appreciate the focal wall with the cubes. Vern says he had a great time, aside from the dresser.

Then we see the fast-motion room transformation, notable mainly for a shot in which Vern appears in a long, blonde wig, a black toque, lifting up his shirt and mugging for the camera. I happened not to be paying a lot of attention the first time I watched this bit and glanced up when my husband burst into laughter; I actually didn't even recognize Vern at first. I was all, "Who the hell was that?" Very amusing.

MPDP's got Brian and Carisse in her grip. Carisse says that she can kind of "get it through her eyes" that it's light. I figure she's picking up the glow from the thirty or so candles that are burning in the room. (Not to mention the probably thousand-watt TV lights that are on her.) MPDP tells them to open their eyes. Carisse is thrilled. She's smiling hugely and squealing. "I'm in heaven!" Brian seems duly impressed, too. Brian likes the backlighting on the headboard. Carisse loves pink and purple (there are a lot of pink flowers in the room). Carisse wonders how they did this. She thinks it's all new stuff. MPDP points out that the dresser is their old one remade. Carisse says she has goosebumps. She keeps noticing new things and exulting. Brian says Vern and their neighbours did an incredible job. They both love it.

Over to the other house: the living room is grass green now. On either side, the new cabinets have been installed in place, and painted white; the inserts on the doors on the lower part have been painted yellow, as has been the insert above the fireplace. There's almost nothing on these generous bookshelves Laurie's created for them: almost no books, and very few decorative accessories or objects. They look really bare. Now, they had a small bookcase full of books before, and the shelves of the microwave cart also were filled with books and, I think, videotapes, so why haven't they put them on the shelves? I'm guessing they were tatty paperbacks and maybe children's books and Laurie didn't think they looked elegant enough for the shelves. But the shelves are disconcertingly bare. Laurie's abstract art piece has been placed on the mantel. It looks very out of place to me, and I don't love it in and of itself, either. The sofa -- scrubbed much cleaner now -- is centred in front of the fireplace, instead of pushed into the corner. The coffee table, which has a wide black border around the crackle-finished centre, is centered in front of the sofa. At each end of the coffee table is a wicker side chair in a dark brown stain with a green seat cushion and a pillow in the striped fabric. There are big puffy pillows in the three patterned fabrics on the couch. There's a console table -- which Laurie must have bought -- behind the sofa, with the orange curly willow in two vases. The windows have curtains in the solid bright gold colour, and their old-fashioned desk is placed between the windows. The upper shelves of the desk have been emptied. Because there is so much exposed and yet unused shelf space, the room has a very incomplete look, although it's a damn sight better than it was.

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