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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Karine says she loves the room, and comments that Laurie kept the desk. She notices the wicker chairs and wonders if they're from "outside." I guess she must have some like that outside. MPDP says they're new. Then they discuss the coffee table. MPDP points out that the sofa's been cleaned. At least Dominic has the good grace to say "thank you" in response to that. Karine exclaims over the curtains, and Dominic looks around and says "wow" a couple of times. MPDP tells Carisse and Brian they can come in, saying, "They're mad about the fan, but I think they'll forgive you." Brian and Carisse come in with champagne. Karine and Carisse hug. Dominic shakes Brian's hand, saying, "I told you about the fan, didn't I?" Holy crap. Shut up about it already. My God, you just got a room (that by your own admission looked like a yard sale) redesigned by a professional designer, you got a thousand dollars worth of new stuff, including built-in storage, you got your skanky couch scrubbed clean, and nothing, not one thing is wrecked, or permanently altered, and you only have to do ten minutes of work to put something back? Sheesh. That's some hard luck, buddy. I have a couple in Oakland I'd like you to meet. Anyway. Had to get that off my chest. MPDP thanks all of them, as well as Vern, Laurie, and Amy Wynn, and we're out for Season Two.

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