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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

We get another shot of the room, this time looking past the sofa toward the front entrance. At the free end of the sofa, there's one of those hexagonal side tables with a lamp and some sort of huge teddy-bearish doodad on it. What the Frank? In front of one of the room's two windows, there's a very tired-looking upholstered chair with those wooden inserts by its "shoulders" that I don't understand. The chair is also pretty far away from the TV, and placed so that conversation with people on the sofa would be awkward at best. About four feet away from the chair, in the space between the windows, there's a teensy, fussy, two-tier lamp table with a lamp on it that's too large for the table. There are dark green curtains in a sheer fabric. The room is so oddly arranged and sparsely furnished that I kind of wonder if they removed some stuff they didn't want touched. Dominic advises us that he doesn't know too much about decorating and wants to see something that's "not crazy: not a lot of chrome, not a lot of stainless steel, not very contemporary, something traditional, warm, a darker colour...." He has a lot of strong preferences and ideas for someone who thinks he has no decorating style. I notice Karine almost imperceptibly shaking her head or nodding as Dominic speaks. He adds, "Pretty much, she buys the paint and I do what I'm told. Which is pretty much how this show runs...."

Brian and Carisse (I'm totally guessing at the spelling of her name) want their '80s bedroom updated. The bedroom is your basic white box with beige carpet. The bed has a large mirror for a headboard, on either side of which is a tall storage unit in white lacquer with cupboards at the top, an open area at bedside height, and then three drawers below. The two units are joined by a shelf that runs along the top of them. It's very dated-looking. Carisse tells us she's had it since she was ten years old. I'm guessing she's in her mid-twenties now. The bedspread is a wide diagonal print in alternating shades of medium and dark blues. There's a big blue bolster. The bedskirt appears to be black. In the corner next to the bed, there's a white floor light and a wrought-iron hamper. There's a matching white lacquer dresser set with a huge round frameless mirror between the two windows on the wall perpendicular to the bed. The windows have white mini-blinds. Brian says it would horrify him to come in and find black, brown, or some major floral theme happening. There are lots of pictures on the dresser, and dolls and cutesy posters here and there. (One of the posters is of two children kissing -- one of those ones you see at every mall. I have a particular aversion to posters of children kissing.) Brian says they live in the South but he's "not a country bumpkin kind of guy." Carisse says she would love a canopy bed or a new dresser. They agree that the room needs some colour, and maybe some different lighting. Carisse says that the halogen lamp can go.

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