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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Time for the key swap. MPDP's new thing is to comment on people's keychains, attempting some weak jests, but no one cares. She reminds them of the rules, and off they go.

Dominic and Karine find Vern inspecting the room. He asks them, "What do we think about this room?" They all agree that something has to be done about the furniture; Vern pronounces it "last millennium." Karine thinks they need to make it reflect Carisse and Brian better: they're young and bold and fun and so forth. Vern plans to reorient the room, do some space planning, give Brian and Carisse more functional furniture, make a canopy-type bed with new bedding, make it more romantic, and "the ceiling fan, of course, is history." They start clearing the room, with the usual goofiness that entails.

Brian and Carisse find Laurie in a green shirt and black pants. I'm guessing we're getting a green room with black furniture (but she faked us out on one recent episode, wearing a top that didn't coordinate with the wall colour, so who knows). Laurie doesn't solicit much from her team in the way of input, and tells them the microwave cart has to go, and that she's planning to build two "really fabulous" pieces to flank the fireplace, one of which will house the TV. Laurie describes her desire to impose some sort of style and order on this "mismatched" room; Carisse volunteers the description "yard sale," and Laurie says that she won't argue with that. She wants to create new lighting and window treatments and bring in some bold colour and lots of interesting fabrics. She says they're going to create some new seating for them. Given how this room progresses, I have to wonder what she meant by that. I think she meant a new seating arrangement. They clear the room.

Vern is taking down the ceiling fan; he wonders if Brian and Carisse will be okay with that. Karine says they will. Vern is surprised: "No protest? From the state of North Carolina?" Nope, but I bet about 50% of our forum posters will have something to say about it.

Brian and Carisse are taping; Laurie tells them not to look while she rolls the first strokes of paint on the wall. It's a very bold grass green. I might not choose it myself, but I like it, and it's an interesting and atypical choice. Carisse says, "Oh my God...."

Vern reveals his fabrics, which he got at his "favourite store in Chicago." The first thing he shows us is a pillow in (reddish) wine-coloured satiny fabric, with a large L embroidered on it in white thread, in exactly the cursive style of the monograms Laverne used to wear on all her clothes on Laverne and Shirley. Karine oooohs. I have no idea what is up with that; since neither Dominic nor Karine says anything about it, I must assume that Brian and Carisse's last names must start with L. Or it's for love. Apparently someone had it custom-embroidered, but it was the wrong colour; Vern, no doubt, got it for a song. He then shows some (purplish) wine-coloured fabric for the curtains, and some grey men's suiting fabric for bedding and chair reupholstery. There's also some striped fabric in grey and a reddish wine colour that he doesn't talk about. He then decides to show them the paint, and we go to commercial, which is a little weird. Usually they don't cut to commercial there.

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