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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Vern shows a can of black paint and a can of a soft medium grey. (He opens the cans right next to his fabric, too. I would be way too scared of my own clumsiness to have any of my fabrics near paint cans, but I guess Vern's a professional.) The black is for the furniture, and the grey is for the walls. Vern paints some grey on the walls, making a little diagram of his plan for the bed and canopy and headboard. He says it will be nice and romantic.

Brian and Carisse are exclaiming that Dominic and Karine are going to love the wall colour. Laurie shows them a small swatch of the fabric she's using for the pillows in the room: it's a sunny yellow with a floral print on it; she's pulled the green from the leaves on the fabric. Carisse gyrates with joy and Brian's on board, too.

MPDP asks Karine if she likes the grey wall colour. They chit-chat about the furniture colour.

Laurie and her team paint while Laurie expresses her dismay at finding that the sofa, around which she planned her room, is actually very stained and dirty. She doesn't use the word "skanky," but she could. She's freaking out because she doesn't have money in the budget for a slipcover. ["I think I had a nightmare about this -- that I went on Trading Spaces and the world got to see what a terrible house cleaner I am. I obviously have some issues." -- Kim]

Vern primes little wooden cubes as he banters with Amy Wynn about his carpentry plans.

Karine asks Dominic what he thinks about the bedding colours as he tapes and she paints. He says he doesn't particularly like them, but they're not for him; he thinks Carisse and Brian will like them. Karine asks what he would do if their living room was like that; he says he'd be painting it next weekend.

Vern is showing one of his perfect architectural drawings to Amy Wynn. He explains that their lacquered furniture can't be primed and painted very effectively, so he wants to secure new paintable surfaces to the drawer fronts. Amy Wynn leans her head on Vern's shoulder as he talks. Maybe Doug is somewhere seething with jealousy. There's also going to be a desktop that goes across the old dresser. That's the first project; the second one is the headboard, which has some sort of accent lighting installed in it underneath Plexiglas. Amy Wynn says she loves it. Vern plans to put some purple and amethyst glass vessels on top of it, and the light will illuminate them from underneath.

Over in the living room, MPDP announces that the colour is even more fantastic than she imagined it to be. Laurie kvells. Laurie points out that she and MPDP colour coordinate "today," since MPDP's shirt is also green. MPDP asks for and receives assurances that the team loves the colour. She asks Laurie to fill her in on what's happening with the sofa. Laurie asks, "Have you seen it?" MPDP has. Laurie: "Yeah, it's nasty." Hey Laurie, take a page from Hildi's book: ruin it with hot pink spray paint and then get the show to pony up another $500 for a new one. MPDP reminds Laurie that she has no more money in her budget. Laurie says she can return some things tonight if she has to, but she'd really rather not. Laurie says they've got some heavy-duty cleaner and they're going to try to clean it. MPDP, possibly remembering the aforementioned couch debacle, quietly asks, "And that's not going to ruin the couch?" Laurie: "The couch is ruined." They laugh.

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