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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Vern's outside with Karine, showing her some artwork he wants to use. He colour-copied some black and white abstract images by skewing the settings on the machine so that they're a fairly bright blue. I'm not a fan of abstract art myself, and I'm not sure how this blue will work with the colour scheme he's already defined. He mentions they had "kiddy art" in the room, and he wants to give them more of an "adult kick." He asks Karine to pick two more images to go with the one he's already chosen and framed.

Carisse, MPDP, and Laurie have got the sofa outside and are going at it with scrub brushes. I'm thinking it's maybe not the hottest idea to be doing this in full sunlight; it seems to me that the light could add to any splotches or stains. MPDP says it doesn't look so bad in the sunlight, except for one flap that she holds up. Skanky Cam: man, it is nasty. Ew. It's spotted, stained, yellowed, you name it. It looks like they have an incontinent pet or something. MPDP starts on the cushions.

Vern and Karine continue working on the art.

Carisse can't tell whether she's doing a good job. Laurie says that since the sun is moving and they're half in the shade now, they may have to migrate to the yard.

Vern and Dominic start covering the canopy pieces with fabric.

Laurie talks to Amy Wynn about her projects. She's got a drawing showing two built-in cabinets on either side of the fireplace. I figured, when she described it earlier, that one of them would be designed to have the TV at eye level, but the shelves are all too close for that, and I guess she means to put the TV inside one of the lower cabinets. I think it will be way too low. She says she wants to "encapsule" [sic] the TV.

Vern shows Dominic the finished side of the piece they've just done, covered in some of the grey men's suiting. It's more of a tester idea than a canopy, since nothing's supporting anything over the bed; rather, there's going to be a fabric-covered frame attached to the ceiling, to which curtains are attached inside.

Laurie finishes describing the cabinets to Amy Wynn. They agree to talk about the coffee table later. Seems like Amy Wynn wants to get moving.

Paige Cam. Karine and Dominic are painting two chairs black. The Paige Cam next finds Carisse lying on the skanky couch, pretending to clean but really, doing jack. Carisse giggles about working on her tan, and says she needs a nap. Holy cow, we're not even halfway through the first day, are we? The bumper to the commercial shows Brian holding a bunch of white fabric (the sofa cushion covers?) as MPDP empties a washing machine. She holds something up which could be a pair of underwear, and kind of shows it to the camera. I don't even want to know. I think it's one thing to let people in to redecorate your house, but I'm not sure Americans expect the cast to come in and ransack their lingerie drawers and root through their laundry.

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