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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Vern and Dominic are removing the upholstery and decorative nails from an old wood-frame chair that Vern found a local salvage place. He jokes about Brian and Carisse's bedroom being from the (19)80s and this chair being from the 1880s. The upholstery's pretty ugly -- some kind of orangey patterned velveteen -- but the chair itself has good lines, generous proportions, and what looks like a comfortable pitch to its back. Vern says they're going to give it a sleeker look -- but the style of the wooden frame is very old-fashioned and has carved detail. I don't know how sleek you can make something like that. Vern says they're going to replace the cushions because he thinks the existing ones might be a bit of a health hazard. I'm not sure why; they look like they're in good shape. Maybe they stink. Vern drapes the grey fabric over the chair, and says that they're going to paint the frame in the semi-gloss black paint, and add an accent pillow. He says the whole chair project will cost about $125, and he's pretty stoked about that.

Brian helps Amy Wynn glue a bookshelf into the cabinet for the living room.

Laurie and Carisse are sewing. Laurie shows her fabrics: there's a green diamond-shaped print that coordinates with the walls; a solid bright gold colour; the aforementioned yellow fabric which I now see has more of a arboreal/botanical print on it than a floral print; and a striped fabric that incorporates the yellow, gold, green, and a sort of reddish cinnamon colour. Carisse likes all the fabrics except the stripe. She says she's not so sure about that one. Laurie: "Oh, it's great. It's great."

Back to Amy Wynn and Brian; she tries to hammer the shelf into the groove she's routed, but it's a little too small and she's going to have to make the slot larger.

Dominic paints the chair while Vern fits fabric. The man just has no fear of paint on fabric. Vern asks if Dominic would be okay with his own furniture being painted; he totally is. He says it's all mismatched and hand-me-down.

Brian irons a green cushion cover as Carisse stuffs a yellow one. Brian says that they have a lot of work to get done. Is cotton stuffing a lot cheaper than cushion forms, or something? Because I wouldn't think it is, yet Laurie always seems to have people stuffing cushions with batting-type material. It always seems to me that they would be uneven and mushy. I would much prefer cushion forms, myself. Batting must be cheaper.

Vern's back in the bedroom with the new drawer fronts for the dresser...except: they're too short. Amy Wynn is dismayed. Vern says it was a calculation error and that he thinks he has enough money left in his budget to replace the now-useless pieces. What I think might have gone wrong here is that the dresser has face-frame drawers, with some kind of chrome-coloured detail showing through on the frame between the drawers, and I think maybe Vern wanted frameless drawer fronts, that completely covered the frame (which can't be painted). Maybe Amy Wynn (or the other carpenter) only measured the actual drawer size and not the area to be covered. That's my theory, anyway. Except I wrote all that out and then I see the close-up shot that shows that they're so short of the mark that my theory is blown out of the water. Well, I don't know, then.

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