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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Laurie, Brian, and Carisse are all sitting out on the deck with the skanky coffee table. Laurie says she thinks a black coffee table is very chic. Carisse says, "As long as it's not all black." Hmm. Hopes she likes all her bedroom furniture black. Laurie explains that they're going to paint the legs black, and build a new top that fits over the existing one. She describes it as slightly oval, but it actually ends up being more of a modified diamond shape. She shows them a sample of the finish for the top, and describes it as a "porcelain crackle finish." It looks like a tighter, closer crackle finish than many I've seen used on this show. I'm not crazy about crackle finishes, but I don't hate this one. Brian and Carisse seem to be okay with her idea on this.

Dominic and Amy Wynn cut some new MDF for the drawer fronts.

MPDP and Vern pot some African violets in white ceramic pots. Vern wonders how many people it takes to pot some African violets. He decides to leave it in MPDP's hands.

Brian and Carisse sand the coffee table and chat. Brian thinks he likes the crackle idea because the black veins in the finish will match. Carisse seems to think Dominic isn't going to care for it. Brian makes an ambiguous sound that probably translates to, "Yeah, I know, but if you think I'm stupid enough to comment on Dominic on national television...." Carisse says that Dominic can't always get his way. Brian says, "As long as his fan's there, he's happy."

Vern's ironing the curtain fabric as Karine sews. She's finishing up the duvet cover and says she loves it. Vern says it's a lightweight tropical wool for men's suits, and that it's breathable. Karine says that Carisse will love it.

Time for the ceiling fan showdown, more predictable than a Kim Bauer kidnapping. Brian and Carisse are painting the fireplace (white, which it already was). Laurie asks Brian to help her take down the ceiling fan, since she can't get up on the ladder and do it herself. Carisse says that she can't let Brian touch the screwdriver. Laurie explains that the white ceiling fan with it shiny brass fittings is not going to work in the room. I suspect that Laurie shares my strong -- even irrational -- hatred of brass, as well as ceiling fans. That said, of all the ceiling fans she's ever taken down, this is probably the least likely to have really clashed in any way with the finished product, since (a) it's the same colour as she's leaving the ceiling, and (b) it doesn't have some godawful ugly light fixture stuck onto it, as so many do. Moreover, the fixture she eventually installs is not so special that it was a massive improvement over the fan. Carisse suggests painting the brass. That might be a generally good idea, except that I have the feeling that there are probably some tinier pieces and fittings that might not be easy to separate from the parts that aren't to be painted, whether by removal or taping off. You also don't want to get paint into the machinery.

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