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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

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Wake Forest: Rodney Bay

Karine asks what they're doing with the top of the dresser. Vern explains that there's a desktop that's going over it. MPDP asks if Amy Wynn's cut that yet; Vern doesn't know. MPDP melodramatically bends over and puts her head down on the dresser; Vern asks her to go find out. MPDP drags herself off, moaning and groaning. ("No, really. Bye.") Wait, MPDP's not gone; she comes back into the picture to say, "As long as it gets done, by tomorrow morning, we're on time. Right?" Vern just goes along with her.

Paige Cam. She tells Amy Wynn she delivered the drawer fronts, but the team wants to know where the desktop is. Amy Wynn says it's not done yet. MPDP asks when it will be. Amy Wynn says she has priority lists. MPDP wonders if those include playing with the kids on the street. She gestures with the camera toward a part of the street where there are no longer any kids. Amy Wynn says, "Hardly. They're driving me insane." Amy Wynn says she was told the headboard was top priority, and that's what she's been spending her time on. MPDP says that at least she's working on something of Vern's, so he can't be too upset. Amy Wynn says, "He shouldn't be, but you know Vern." ["Heh. Is our little TS family showing some strain? Good thing the season is almost over." -- Kim]

In the bedroom, the little white cubes that Vern was painting much earlier have been mounted on the wall, each about fifteen to eighteen inches apart. There's one row already, and there's going to be another one above it. He tells them they need another coat of paint tonight, and then shows them how a little pot of African violets is going to sit on each of the cubes in the bottom row. On the row above it, there will be a polished silver candlestick on each cube. ["It looks pretty, but I would've knocked those violets off on the first night, because I'm clumsy." -- Kim]

Laurie gives her team its homework: the upper and lower pieces of the cabinet are cut and assembled. They need to be primed and painted so they can be installed tomorrow. The doors won't be ready until tomorrow.

Dominic and Karine's homework: they have to install the rest of the cubes, prime and paint the drawer fronts, and attach the drawer pulls. He says the headboard is done, and just needs to be primed and painted black.

Laurie shows her team the coffee table top, and tells them it needs to be primed and painted.

Vern tells his team to call him if they need him, and wishes them luck.

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