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Lana asks whom Eyebrows was trying to protect her from. The photographer? She asks if he was just a part of all this. Eyebrows says that the photographer had a part to play, but that Lana's ex messed it up. He says that he wanted to show Lana how far he was willing to go. Lana guesses that he wanted to shoot the photographer in front of her, but that Clark stopped it before he could do that. Eyebrows: "Lex is infecting you. You're starting to talk like him. Think like him. It makes me sick what he's doing to you." He says that he can stop it and give Lana her life back. Dude. You're making no sense. And you're about to be a fired, broke-ass, unskilled security person. Lana, almost crying, says, "You're right. I never wanted any of this." She says that she didn't know what she was getting herself into, and now she can't get out. I sure hope they're not trying to make us think that Lana is speaking truths here, because Lana's had every opportunity to say no to Lex and to refuse to marry him. She was the one who initiated the sex that probably got her pregnant (assuming she got pregnant through sex). This better be Lana just saying whatever she needs to say to get out of this situation. (Er, "sitch.") "Help me," Lana tells Eyebrows. He smiles, breathing heavily, taken aback by her sudden passion. He touches the side of her face as Lana tries not to recoil. Eyebrows promises to save her. Lana takes the blu botol and smashes it against the side of his head. He falls. Lana runs down the hallway. She goes to her bedroom and locks the door. Lana sees the red handkerchief lying on the bed. The chisel is gone. She picks up a phone. There's no dial tone. The wall panel for the plug has been ripped out of the wall. Eyebrows knocks on the door. He has no key to the room? And he can't break some glass? He yells for Lana, and tries to push the door open. It starts to buckle. He finds an axe conveniently placed in a nearby crest and just ready to be pulled out. Eyebrows breaks through the door. He sees a window open, snow blowing in.

Chloe's apartment. Chloe's examining the photos of Lana that Esposito (now deceased) took at the barn. She says that Lana is certainly persistent. Clark says that Chloe was persistent, too, when she was trying to figure out his secret. Chloe gives Clark a look, and wonders aloud if Lana had an ulterior motive for staying in Clark's room when she was hiding out. Clark asks if that's why she went to his house. Chloe says that you don't live with Lex without picking up a trick or two, and points again to all the pictures of Lana sneaking around the barn. Lana didn't notice someone snapping dozens of photos? That's one quiet camera with a bad-ass zoom lens. Clark notices a photo. There's a woman holding a glass of wine and flashing some cleavage, standing next to a sign that reads "Children's Foundation Benefit." Clark says that his mom was at that event the night before in Metropolis. He says that if Esposito took this photo, he couldn't have taken the one of Lana in her bedroom. "Then who did?" asks Chloe.

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