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Back at the castle. Lana is being chased outside on an upper level of the castle. Is this the roof above Lex's office? Lana struggles to open some double doors, but they're locked. She turns and sees Eyebrows. "There's nowhere to go," he says. It's like he's telling the story of Season 6. "It's too late to save you, Lana," he says with regret. He's, like, a soothsayer! Lana turns to run, and Eyebrows tries to strike her with an axe. He misses, and Lana kicks him. He takes another swing with the axe as Lana ducks. She falls, and Eyebrows grabs her by the hair and pulls her up. He chokes her, saying, "You were a good person once!" Naw. I don't think you got that right, buddy. Eyebrows says that's how he'll remember her when he's gone. Lana punches him and pushes. He grabs her wrist and pulls as he falls back against a huge skylight. The two of them fall. We get a reverse angle from below, glass falling toward us in slow motion. We don't see them land. Eyebrows is on the ground, dead, his eyes staring open. We see a set of big feet. It's Clark. He's holding Lana in his arms, having done a nice catch. He couldn't catch Eyebrows at the same time? "Clark," says Lana. He gently puts her down. She asks what happened: "How did you...?" Clark says that Lana's safe now, and that's all that matters. "No, it isn't," says Lana. "You're here after...everything." She asks why Clark is still watching over her. Obsession? Boredom? Just to piss us off? "Maybe for the same reason you've been watching me," Clark tells her. Aw, geez. Can we just end this now, please? Do we really need to epilogue this shit?

Commercials. It is interesting to me that we seek out soups called "chunky."

Daily Planet. Chloe and Clark walk into the newsroom. Chloe is telling Clark that it's remarkable how the roads from Metropolis to Smallville mysteriously thawed out the night before. She asks if Clark had anything to do with that. "Nature is a mysterious creature," he answers. He asks if she's talked to Lana yet. Chloe says that they've danced to this tune before, and that she's not playing pickle in the middle anymore. For some reason, that makes Clark think of Lex. Clark says that Lana is getting too close to finding out his secret, and asks what he's supposed to do. Chloe says that Lana risked her life by not showing Lex that camera photo; she did that to protect Clark's secret, which somehow proves where her loyalties lie. Or it just proves how obsessed Lana is with finding out why she was lied to for so many years. Jimmy walks in: "Yo. C.K." He's mad that Clark left him holding the photos in the darkroom. He hands over that box of discs. I think you'd call it "evidence." Clark apologizes and says that he had to rush over to see if Lana was all right. Jimmy takes a few moments. Takes a look at Chloe. "I can understand that urge," he says. Chloe steals a glance at Jimmy. Jimmy asks how Lana's doing. Clark says that she's fine, and that Jimmy really came through. Chloe thanks him, too. Clark says that Jimmy and Chloe should catch up, and walks away. Jimmy slowly walks to Chloe. He says that Clark's not such a bad guy. "Yeah," Chloe agrees, "but he's no Jimmy Olsen." Jimmy is genuinely touched by that, and asks if that means Chloe misses him. Chloe half-smiles and shrugs. Jimmy steps forward and kisses her. Jimmy says, "Me too." Nose snuggling. Smiles.

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