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Lana takes off her scarf and looks around the generically cluttered room. She takes a deep, uncomfortable breath, but smiles when she sees the framed photos on Clark's computer desk. There's one of Chloe, Clark, and Pete; one of Clark with his parents; and another of just Chloe. Lana, with hot tea in a cup on the desk, opens a drawer underneath the computer monitor and keyboard. What, no snooping on Clark's PC? Lana digs in the drawer, finding a framed photo of herself -- an old one in which she's wearing the old Kryptonite necklace. Sad music plays. Lana puts the photo away and takes off her jacket. She notices a globe and a poster of the Earth. She goes to Clark's dresser. Opens the top drawer. Looks sneakily toward the door. She sees a box for Chavelo Cigars; inside, there's a Smallvillle Crows ribbon, a tiny action figure, and assorted junk. Lana finds her old necklace in the drawer. The formerly green rock is now completely clear.

Lana stares at the necklace until her cell phone rings. She gasps, closes the cigar box, and shuts the drawer. On the cell phone screen, it reads that the caller's number is "Restricted." Lana answers the call: "Who is this?" The male voice says that she can't hide -- not even in Clark Kent's bedroom. Maybe in Clark Kent's closet? The man says that he knows everything about Lana. There's not much to know, sir. Can we help you with something else? Lana says she doesn't care what he knows, but that there's an army between them and that he'll never get close to her. "I'm closer than you think, Princess," says the man. Pink Princess. With a pink horse and magic rainbow beams. Lana walks toward the door and calls for Brady. Something stops her. She looks down and sees a pool of blood coming from under the door. Lana, for no good reason, dips her finger in it. Yep. Blood. Wanna taste? She opens the unlocked door. Brady is lying in the hall, dead. It looks like his throat's been slashed. His gun is still on his belt. So long, Brady. We hardly knew ye. But we did know ye was incompetent. Lana grabs the gun. What stalker would leave a gun just lying around? The cell rings again. "Why are you doing this?" Lana asks. The man says that it's because she deserves this. Yes, we know, but are there any other reasons? Brady, not quite dead, gasps and tries to grab Lana's ankle. She screams and steps back. Lana falls down the stairs, rolling hard. She tumble for ya! We cut to commercials as soon as she hits the lower-level floor.

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