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Well I seem to have kicked my television screen in, so I'll have to recap the rest of this from memory. Everybody in the show who is stupid suddenly dies, leaving us with three minutes of precious silence. No? Okay, Lindsay and Tru reconnect, with Lindsay telling Tru that her note made one guy a liar and the other gay. How did it make Craig a liar? I mean, we know that Craig lied about recognizing Lindsay, but how did she know? Stupid awful writing. The resolution of Harrison's subplot all happens off-camera, thank god, as Lindsay tells Tru that Harrison went to confront Keith, but instead of a fight, they both started laughing, and now the two of them and Luc are getting amazingly drunk together. What-the-hell-ever. Maybe the secret was that Harrison had been drinking a little bit before they came to the reunion this time. There's a good lesson for the kids -- alcohol can solve your problems!

Tru excuses herself to go talk to Candace to see if she, like Ebeneezer Scrooge, has seen the light about her bitchy ways following her near-death experience. She hasn't. Heh. Candace tells Tru she doesn't need her pity. Tru says she isn't offering pity; she's offering friendship. Candace says she doesn't need that either. Heh. Tru blathers on about how they used to be best friends and some things have changed, but that they can be friends again, so she can finally get rid of Lindsay. Candace still isn't interested, though, and tells Tru, "Some things change. Some things never will." She walks off.

Luc wanders over, and Tru says she's glad he came out anyway. He asks her to dance. She agrees. As shitty music plays in the background, Luc asks Tru if any good memories of high school came back to her. She says they did.

Cut to a flashback, where Candace and Tru have apparently been running around in the gym. Candace tells Tru that she should take Ronnie to the prom. Tru thinks Ronnie's out of her league. Candace insists that Ronnie would be lucky to have her. Then they declare that they'll be best friends for ever and ever, as they walk arm in arm off the basketball court and an ovary croons some crap about being lucky, and it all emphasizes the fact that we still don't know what the hell turned Candace into a raging bitch queen in the first place.

Back in the now, Tru hugs Luc close as they dance. Candace starts to leave, but stops and stares back at them for a moment. Then she turns and walks off to have her book rejected all over the place.

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