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Cut to some post-race party, also in THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. Hey, maybe the reason the death rate has gone up at the morgue is because these kids all killed the adults in The Town, Children of the Corn-style. Adam and Tru are chatting. Adam can't believe Tru jumped out there like that. Tru has that smug smile she always has when she thinks she saved the day, even though we know she totally didn't because there's fifteen minutes left and THE CRASH HAPPENED AT NIGHT. Adam can't seem to find Amy. Tru says, "Here's a hint: Girls in the movies like guys for their cars. Girls in real life like guys for who they are." The Organization of Nice Guys Who Finish Last flips Tru a collective bird. Tru heads off, having "saved the day," and calls somebody on her cell phone to see what he or she is doing right now.

Cut to the restaurant. Tru and Luc are having their date again. Tru got them a better table this time. Because we're not smart enough to see this on our own, Luc actually has to praise Tru on her table-getting skills and say he usually gets stuck sitting by the kitchen. So stupid. Hate it. Tru turns off her cell so they don't get interrupted so they can make date small-talk. Sports? Tru ran track, which we know. Luc played baseball. Tru likes Twizzlers. Luc likes Red Vines. They joke about how a relationship would never work. I'm a Goobers guy, myself. They blather on about first kisses and bad gifts. Luc mentions that he once gave a girl a gold necklace, not realizing that they generally cost more than $3.95. And of course, this triggers that part where Tru suddenly remembers some detail from yestertoday that indicates that she hasn't fixed things after all. This time she remembers the necklace around Jen's neck. She wasn't wearing it today at the race. So the crash hasn't happened yet. Oh, and also: THE CRASH HAPPENED AT NIGHT. Uck. So Tru has to bug out on her date with Luc, because once again, she's stupid and didn't prevent the death yet. She's sad, because the date's going well, but she says sometimes she has to skip out like this, because she's not "an average 22-year-old girl," whatever the hell that means. Like the age has something to do with it. The average 23-year-old girl? Oh, she relives days all the time. But 22? Unheard of. She promises to call him later and hopes he'll give her another chance.

Tru heads back to the party, which is still raging in the middle of the street. At least it's night now. There's a fire burning in a barrel. She asks Exposition Boy where Adam is. He doesn't know. Where's Jen? He points in some random direction. You're fired, Exposition Boy, for dereliction of duty. Tru wanders off into the woods. Eventually she stumbles across Jen. And there's Amy. And Amy is the one putting the necklace on Jen. And then they kiss. And somehow, the woods and the earnest smiling at each other is making me think of the gay wedding in Wet Hot American Summer. But anyway, it turns out that Amy and Jen are the star-crossed lovers. I'm not sure whether or not this would have surprised me, because I had already read the spoilers. Yes, believe it or not, there are spoilers for this show, if anybody cares. Anyway, then Adam stumbles upon the scene, too, and asks them what's going on. The Portentous Music tells us this plot twist is important.

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Tru Calling




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