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While Derek is figuring a way to come out as a sadist, Amy arrives in her car, because she knew they would be at the cliff, because…well, never mind. Jen climbs out of the passenger window. Amy rushes over, saying she saw Derek's car, which doesn't make any sense at all, so whatever. The two girls hug. Everybody else stands around, looking a little confused. So Derek was going to accidentally kill his own sister and then -- what, just drive off and not tell anybody? Actually, yeah, I could probably see that. But wait -- if Amy drove over because she "saw Derek's car," wouldn't she have done that yestertoday as well? So she would have…you know what, like Marco 2.0 said, don't think too much. I have better things to do. Derek and Adam stare at each other as the two girls hug. They're totally going to hook up later.

We cut back to the morgue, as Tru and Davis stroll down The Tunnel of Repeating The Blatantly Obvious, as Davis repeats the entire premise of the show for us. Thanks so much. I didn't quite get it yet. Tru, bearing the bouquet of roses, exposits that the girls decided not to run away after all, and The Town is just going to have to deal with their new teen lesbian mascots. The two of them reiterate the fact that they're a team now, although, if you think about it, Davis actually didn't help Tru at all this episode. It would be funny if it weren't so damned tragic and stupid. Davis asks Tru about the roses. She says Amy and Jen gave them to her for helping them deal with their secret. What exactly did she do? She didn't do a damned thing with their secret. Amy, Jen, and Adam dealt with their problems themselves. Tru essentially saved them by outing them to Derek so that he wouldn't kill them by accident. If outing people is all it takes to be a hero, then Michelangelo Signorile should be president. And then Tru gives Davis the roses for helping her deal with her secret, which he didn't do either, so fine. I'm giving you all roses for helping me deal with this awful show, except it's people like you watching it that are keeping it from getting CANCELLED!

Cut to Harrison, talking to Tru via cell phone. Some woman we can't see is trying to make out with him, so we all know it's Lindsay. It was obvious. The car's fine. Lindsay's fine. Harrison asks where Tru is. She's about to enter her apartment. He wonders if that's a good idea. That's because, as Tru walks in, she sees Harrison and Lindsay making out on the sofa. Half-naked. IN HER APARTMENT. This show is so damned stupid. This show is dumber than most reality shows. Syndicated dating reality shows.

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Tru Calling




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