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As Tru's rushing out, Luc is apparently arriving for work, even though they encountered each other much, much later yestertoday. But never mind. He starts his whole spiel about asking her out to dinner. It's kind of funny because they're not in the same place they were yestertoday, so it means he's been planning how he was going to ask her out, and it's not that spontaneous. I don't think Tru realizes this, though, what with her being an idiot. She can't really talk about it right now. Luc insists it will be fun, prompting several annoying flashbacks of the awful date. She begs off, saying she wants to go to dinner with him, but she can't right now, and she'll get back to him about it. Okay, no matter how cool my boss was, I wouldn't go into work, even during my time off, wearing a shirt that exposes my torso and low-rise jeans. Of course, I don't look like Eliza Dushku, but still.

Tru rushes into the diner she's always at with Harrison. And there's the rakish moron in question, sitting up at the counter. She asks him for the keys to his car. They argue about it. He wants to know if this is one of her "crazy days." They argue some more. He says, "I just want her back, that's all." Tru says she'll bring the car back "without a scratch." Harrison responds, "No, no, no. Not the car. My sister." And then he winks. Winks! At his sister. Ewwwwww! No wonder their dad skipped out on them! Tru's cell rings. It's Lindsay, resetting up her evening meeting with her boss for us. In a bit of background that is at least slightly interesting, we learn through snarky comments by Harrison and Lindsay that they totally hate each other, soap-opera-style. Which is why the ending didn't surprise me. Tru has flashbacks of her conversation with Lindsay about the thigh-rubbing yesterday and tries to discourage Lindsay from having the meeting, but Lindsay won't listen. After they hang up, Tru comes to a realization and tells Harrison she has another favor to ask him.

Cut to Tru, driving up to Highland Prep, out in the suburbs. She parks Harrison's classic blue Whatevermobile directly on the street in front of the school, looks herself over in the car's rearview mirror, and says to herself, "So I'm a mature seventeen." Oh, Tru. This is a Hollywood high school. You could pass as an incoming freshman. Tru wanders around the campus briefly, then asks some thirty-year-old "student" where she can find Adam. She points him out over by some stairs. The actor who plays Adam was probably very upset to have lost out on the role of Seth Cohen. More flashbacks for the stupid. As Tru starts walking over, Adam's friend turns to him and says, for no apparent reason, "I don't get you. You're dating the hottest girl in the school, and you're still not happy." It doesn't even matter what Adam says in response, does it? The line is just idiotic, poorly written exposition. His friend, Exposition Boy, also invokes the term "star-crossed lovers" in regards to Adam and his girlfriend, which doesn't make any fucking sense in about six seconds. I hate this show. So much. Tru wanders up and uses the knowledge that Marco 2.0 gave her about Adam's tattoo to just start a conversation with him. She compliments it, and he realizes that she's really hot, so he introduces himself to her. She claims that she's "checking out" the school, because her parents are considering moving there. Suddenly, a girl's voice says, "Run. Don't walk. We're all stuck here, but you've still got an out." It's a willowy young woman with long blonde hair. Adam introduces the girl as Amy, his girlfriend. As in, not Jen, the girl his body was found next to. More flashbacks for the stupid. Tru invites herself to lunch with the teens in order to get more info. They don't seem to have a problem with that.

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