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In the lunch line, which looks kind of like that afternoon buffet they have at Pizza Hut, Adam asks Tru where she's from. She asks if it matters. Amy tries to interrupt this line of questioning for some reason. It seems that, as with any television school, there's a right side of the tracks and the wrong side of the tracks. On the right side are the kids whose parents are rich enough to afford sending their kids to the school. On the wrong side are the kids who need scholarships to attend. I don't see why there's a problem here. If I recall my high school days, the kids from the right side needed the help of the smart kids from the wrong side in order to cheat on their tests in order to keep their GPAs high enough to get into whatever college Daddy insisted they go to. Adam further exposits that the two sides of The Town (yes, that's what he calls it -- The Town) don't mix, so the rich kids and the poor kids all hate each other. It's called "America" -- I'm not exactly sure why he needs to explain all this to Tru. Maybe they've all been spending too much time up there in Canada. Amy says, "It's always fun to grow up in the middle of a cliché." I like her. At least she knows. It doesn't excuse it, though. And I assume she must be on the rich side as well, which makes Exposition Boy's comments so very stupid. Amy heads off to get them a table as Adam offers to pay. The Portentous Music returns to indicate that we should pay attention and notice that the cafeteria cashier is Jen. More flashbacks for the stupid. After they pay and walk away, Tru asks Adam if he knows Jen. He claims that he doesn't. She's one of the scholarship kids, so he doesn't hang with her.

Later, Tru walks across the campus talking to Davis on her cell. She's sure it's a Romeo and Juliet thing with the money and the tracks and the scholarships and all. God, isn't there some other dynamic that can be mined to represent young, troubled love? Davis thinks that it's cool that he gets to help out and all. Of course, he helped out in the past, but he didn't know why before. He points out they're a team, "like the Wonder Twins." Yeah, but the Wonder Twins were way less stupid and annoying. And they had Gleek. Isn't it sad that the Wonder Twins are cooler these two? Even when Zan took the form of an ice satellite dish? Did you know that they're working on a movie featuring the Wonder Twins? Really. Tru says she didn't have much luck talking to "Romeo" (except for help in jumping to incorrect conclusions), so she's going to talk to "Juliet." Davis reminds her about how Romeo and Juliet ended tragically, because he's an idiot and has forgotten that they already know that this is going to end tragically if they don't stop it. Stupid show.

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