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So the kids have all gathered together for the drag race. In the middle of a street. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Nobody uses streets during the day, right? And the police will never know. And of course, rather than calling the police to bust up the race, Tru instead tries to convince Adam to call it off. Well, if the police are so worthless here that kids can close off the streets and drag race down them in the middle of the day, they're probably not going to be of much help. Anyway, Adam can't be talked out of the race. Adam recognizes that Derek hates him, but he's got that figured out, too. He turns to Derek (did I neglect to mention that they're having this argument right in front of him and his car?) and tells him he's ready to ride as long as they both have "insurance." He explains that they each pick a friend of their opponent's, who rides with them in the car. Derek picks the Exposition Boy from earlier. Adam, of course, picks Jen. So now Tru thinks this is when they're going to die, even though THE CRASH HAPPENED AT NIGHT and it's currently THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. Tru tries to convince them to call it off, but they don't listen. Derek drives off with Exposition Boy, and Adam drives off with Jen. Tru walks over to Amy and notices that she looks upset. She responds, "How should I look when somebody I love is doing something stupid?" She says she doesn't want to watch the race, and wanders away.

Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" is terribly misappropriated as background music for this race. They probably blew their whole ASCAP budget for the season with this scene. Exposition Boy totally flirts with Derek. Derek fantasizes about taking his belt to him. The race starts. Jet sings. Tru has already found her way to Lakewood Cliffs, but from what I can tell, it's the last curve before the race ends, so it's only about 50 yards away. The cars race. Tru looks over the cliff. It's a cliff. It's a long way down. It resonates with cliffness. The guys race. Adam flicks some switch labeled "N2O," which I'm sure probably makes his car go faster. From my experience playing driving video games, you probably shouldn't be hitting your turbo button as you're going around the corner like Adam just did, because then you crash into the wall and flip over five times before magically appearing back in the middle of the track in a totally unharmed vehicle. This doesn't happen to Adam, however. Tru's brilliant idea to stop the wreck she thinks is about to happen is to walk out into the street (in slow motion) right as the cars approach Dead Teen's Curve in order to cause them to swerve. Fucking brilliant. They both have the presence of mind to swerve right, away from the cliff. Given that Adam merely has a learner's permit, she's lucky he didn't panic and swerve the wrong way, and then she would have been responsible for their deaths. Now that would make for an interesting episode -- Tru actually causing the deaths by trying to save them. But everybody's safe and Adam manages to win the race.

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Tru Calling




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