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oint of view is so limited and selfish that you actually think any of this is for your benefit and not a story you're being told, so questions like "Why did the Maryann story drag so long? Why didn't it just end when I got tired of thinking about it?" somehow make sense.)

Tara was told that Bill and Sookie fell in love at first sight, but she clearly doesn't believe this: "In love? Hell, no. People just get what they want, and leave." (Notably, Franklin seems particularly interested in the idea that Bill and Sookie's love is not real in some way.) Kind of on the nose, and not really relevant to the character or her story, but I guess she's hypnotized, and anyway she's only ever dated one person that we've met, and I guess he "left" in a way. Franklin asks, if all relationships are about taking, what is it Sookie wants? "Quiet. Being a telepath gets real noisy, and she can't hear Bill."

(And if this relationship is a dark mirror to that, then what does Tara want? Oblivion? Her own form of destructive power, to get revenge on the world? What does Franklin offer her? "I am Death." He offers her the abyss.)

Is Jason a telepath? Tara almost laughs. "Jason barely knows what he's thinking, let alone anyone else." Franklin nastily flirts about how she better stop smiling about Jason, or he'll be jealous, and she stops smiling. Sadly, but apologetically: "I thought I loved him for a long time. But he never loved me back." A creepy dead hand across her cheek, causing her to shiver. She admits Sookie's location, Jackson -- the place, not the person -- and he tells her to call Sookie and find out more. It is very fucking creepy, as Franklin uses Tara as a puppet, mouthing the words so they come out her mouth.

It is creepy because firstly it is super creepy; secondly because this is Maryann all over the place; thirdly and to me most importantly because I can't help this niggling feeling that Bill and Sookie did this, somehow, when they double-teamed her and took away her choice, putting telepathy and glamour together and pretty much blowing the gate off its hinges: "Sookie, you sound awful... Oh my God, what an asshole! Tell me where you are. I'm coming to get you... What you need is your best friend, right now. Give me your address... You'd do it for me. I'm getting in the car right now. Address." Sookie just hangs up, finally, exhausted, promising to call her back tomorrow. Then just a dial tone. Franklin is pissed. Tara gets herself back just enough, once he lets go, to run for the door. She asks what he wants with Sookie, and he pins her against the door, finally biting deep as she screams.

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