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Trust Me On The Sunscreen
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Previously, Bill shot Marnie to death so then she appeared as a ghost and has possessed Lafayette. Meanwhile, Alcide broke up with Debbie in a very dramatic way and killed her boyfriend, so now she has gone around the bend. Jason and Jessica have maybe decided to date. Everybody thinks everything is okay now, because they don't have very long memories about how terrible things are constantly happening in this town.


Jesus: "I guess you were right and we should not have joined that coven. Shit swiftly went down the shitter when we did that. But on the other hand, I made you breakfast."
Marnie: "I don't want to speak out loud because you might recognize my voice, but I also don't want you to know that I'm mad at you yet, so I will just kind of smile in a sweetly malevolent way."
Jesus: "Eat this breakfast, I'm serious. And starting to reconsider even using my magic. We can talk about this later, give me a kiss."
(You can always tell from kissing. That is a TV rule.)
Jesus: "Lafayette, is that you in your body?"
Marnie: "No, it is Marnie!"
(She stabs him with a fork. Take that, breakfast!)


Sookie: "So many people have died in this kitchen that now I see dead people everywhere. Maybe it is just Halloween."
Tara: "Good morning, Sookie! Sorry about joining that cult."
Sookie: "That's okay. Do you believe in Halloween? Or Heaven? Because I keep seeing my Gran's dead body over there in the corner. It's distressing."
Tara: "I don't believe in Heaven but I do believe that your Gran is the president of Heaven."
Sookie: "I wish she were here to tell us what to do about boyfriends and things. It's been a relatively short time, subjectively, since I lost her."
Tara: "I think she would tell us to use sunscreen and that advice is a form of nostalgia. Also, she would support my anti-vampire bias."
Sookie: "I would like to grow old in this house and not die in this episode. I would like that for both of us."
Tara: "I wish that you hadn't said that."


Maxine: "Hi, Sam. I guess since we both were surrogate parents to Tommy that makes us a family by the transitive property. Did you know he used to wear my clothes?"
Sam: "I think what's important to remember is that we loved him or something."
Maxine: "Call me Momma."
Sam: "Absolutely not."

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