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Jesus kisses him goodbye, and leaves him with this: "Dude? I'm dead, you're a medium."

I kind of love the idea that Lafayette will go back into the hole, like he did after Eric -- that maybe continuing his relationship with Jesus will be the bad thing he does next year. This show, all Alan Ball shows, are about grieving, and I think the show would make a strong case for Lafayette living in the shadow of holding onto him, maybe until Jesus becomes something monstrous. But if Lafayette's story ends up being about the demon face, or being the only witch that's really left at this point, the untrained solitary powerhouse, that would be good too.

What I want, what I've wanted since Amy and Jeannette in the first season, is a continued witch presence. There's always been a sort of amazing symmetry in the way the supernaturals deal with the natural world: Vampires have teeth like snakes, skinwalkers vomit up their lives, werewolves build shadow societies. Even the faeries were here first, and they're close to the natural world and to the explosive forces of nature and light. Maryann fell in love with her for the sake of nature, and the vampires fall in love with her for light, and both of those things meet in the sun.

But the witches are the only group that's about humans mediating a relationship with any of that: Connecting with nature, making choices and employing tools, rather than making deals with more powerful entities. And I feel like the show never really pulled the trigger on Russell's druid stuff, just sort of left it on the table so he could do politics and go post-Talbot crazy, so it seems like a good thing to keep the witches around for next year, if the faeries are going to be starting shit and Russell's coming back, because the way each of the groups has its connection to nature and to the secular world is one of the things that has always set this show apart.


Andy brings Holly Cleary -- still wearing her cute fairy outfit -- a huge bouquet of flowers and goes into full disclosure mode.

Andy: "Sorry about the last time, when I took your flowers."
Holly: "That's okay, you were nervous."
Andy: "No, I was a drug addict. V. thought I needed it to do the job, and to talk pretty ladies like you... So I didn't feel like a loser all the time. It worked for a while, then it didn't."
Holly, wearily: "Okay look, honey. You're really sweet and everything, but this is all just too much for me right now."
Andy: "It's no problem. Lot of baggage, I get it. I just wanted to say that I'm sober and I'm lonely. And I can be good to someone if they let me. 'Night."

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