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Anyway, it's a good offer and a good-faith offer, I think, despite the sassy relationship she and Bill have had since Sookie got back, but then it's Sookie once again that fucks everything up: Nan isn't above leveraging her to get Bill and Eric's loyalty... And in fact has known this whole time that Sookie's part-Fae. Next thing you know, everybody who overheard that, and Nan herself, are dead. Bill and Eric are pretty protective when it comes down to it.


Sookie comes looking for Tara, but finds Debbie instead. Big old shotgun. Lookin' real crazy. And just before Debbie fires the gun, Tara jumps in front of Sookie and her brains go splattering everywhere, and then she is dead. Sookie rushes Debbie, gets the upper hand somehow, and then accidentally-on-purpose fires the gun into Debbie's face, turning her whole head into soup. It's fucked up. So then she's just sort of cradling Tara on the floor and screaming for help, which is what she does in every episode, and the only difference this time is that nobody's coming.


Or I mean, obviously somebody is coming, but it's an immensely powerful image to go out on: All alone, best friend dead in her arms, screaming for help even unto the black when the credits have started. You've got a medium-brujo-witch upstairs who's already brought one snakebit human back from death, two vampire ex-boyfriends a split-second away, faeries all around the place, and really it could go anywhere and do anything. But right now... Tonight she was alone, just where she wanted to be. And when it came down to it, she solved the problem.

It was ugly and it was scary and the cost was high, maybe too high, but I can't help thinking back to the very beginning of the season and how we've sort of watched her maneuver her way here: She came back pissed at Bill, ignored his change in station, allowed New Eric to get the better of her, realized she had feelings for them both, gave Alcide hell about Debbie but still kept him around and then wouldn't date him, and the whole time everybody -- Pam, who started the season as an outspoken enemy of monogamy -- kept telling her that she wasn't safe, that she was too delicious, that she needed to belong to somebody and to be owned and that loneliness is death.

I feel like we've talked every season about how that metaphor plays, but what intrigues me about it now is, okay, all other things being equal -- if Tara were out of the picture and Sookie had just killed Debbie on her own, let's start there -- then you are looking at a particular story, which is that when you choose to deviate from the norm, when you go it alone, or queer, or however you're going to do it, even just unmarried, that decision cuts both ways. Yes, you get to be free and true to yourself, but also, you have opted out of the game and can't expect validation from the game.

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