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Eric kidnapped the Governor's fangbanger daughter Willa and learned they're putting vampires in concentration camps, just like God predicted. Then dumb Tara ran off with her, because what would this show be without Tara's shitty decisions. God figured out about Andy Bellefleur's ready supply of Fae daughters -- whose blood Takahashi can synthesize into turbo TruBlood -- right after a fight with Sookie, whose brother maybe just had an aneurism. Owl Sam got Emma back while Alcide's Pack was eating all the VUSsers (except for Nicole). Nora has some random Sanguinistic information about Lilith and/or Warlow -- who is almost certainly Ben Flynn, right? -- but none of the faeries know who she is but it doesn't help.


While Sookie is calling 911 for poor old conked-out Jason, and Niall is chasing Nora around the forest for no clear reason beyond the fact that she's a sneak, Ben makes some sexy faces and then fangs up and gives Jason some blood. Maybe because he is a good dude, maybe because obviously he is Warlow and even if he isn't Warlow, either way Jason is his brother-in-law by Sookie.

But also it is very interesting that Ben is a vampire, due to him being a faerie and not a vampire.

Outside, Niall has just about had it with running around chasing Nora, so he laser-handses a tree and this stops Nora dead, because vampires are afraid of fast-moving trees. He holds her still with faerie vibes, and she nerds out like a Nerdy Nora.

Nora: "How I know about Warlow is because... Well, have you heard of Lilith? I tend to just talk about Lilith pretty constantly, have you heard the Good News about Lilith?"
Niall: "I am the King of the Fae! I know all about everything!"
Nora: "Well it turns out that the Bible is mistranslated folderol. Which is a bummer to me, because it is my whole deal, but people have been overlooking what the Bible actually says and just making shit up since right around when gay people were invented."
Niall: "Stop talking about yourself and your dumb religion and start talking about Warlow."
Nora: "Okay so it says the People led Lilith to the Sun but actually it means the Progeny led Lilith to the Sun, and that's Warlow. Lilith's vampire son and I guess also a faerie and I guess also Ben. And only he can kill Lilith slash Bill."
Niall: "So wait, Sookie's ex-boyfriend is God and also the mother of her new boyfriend, who is Jesus and the Devil at the same time? This is the best season of this show."

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