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The New Shape Of Myself

Luna: "Oh, okay. When you get dumped, that's why."
Sam: "When I get..."
Luna: "Yeah, you're out of here. Nice knowing you."

I like the actor that plays Sam, a lot, and I have come to appreciate Luna more than I ever thought possible, just as a character, but good Lord! It can't just be that I miss Tommy, there's got to be more to it than that. I hope there's a twist soon, because these bitches are boring!


The sun's coming up, and Tara's still just ramming around the house, bouncing off shit and growling and screaming and horribly unable to bite Lafayette and Sookie. He bravely heads into Tara's bedroom with a giant-ass knife and cuts himself, deep, so that she can feed without biting him (per orders), and then Sookie jumps out with silver chains so they can safely get Tara into the cubby where she won't hurt herself. They really sell the ongoing desperation and exhaustion and resentment-cum-tenderness of the whole process, even as she's smoking and struggling and screaming. Far be it from me to suggest compassion for Tara Thornton, at any time, but it's actually pretty effective how horrible this whole ordeal is turning out for all three of them.

There is never going to be peace for Tara. Not even in death. But every year there's still that hope, that somehow she'll make peace with the storm inside. She's such a neat person to be so obscured by all this wildness and pain, and if anything I would say this transition this year is less about heaping yet more indignities on her so much as healing the damage the last three seasons have done.

She's always been so powerful, for being in such powerless situations -- captive of demons, puppet of a goddess, tortured so graphically and helplessly in Mississippi, reluctant witch -- that a return to her original amount of craziness is probably only possible if she has enough superpowers to protect herself from outside stuff and assume some agency. I mean, she's gonna be just as crazy regardless of whether or not she's brainwashed. You know?


Before they come upon Debbie Pelt's abandoned van, Andy asks Jason for some advice. Seems Holly's a little too overwhelmed to be attentive to his puppydog needs, what with being homeless and her recent witch troubles, and he wonders if there's anything he can do. Jason advises him that ladies acting standoffish is a good sign, romantically, which is counterintuitive until you remember that he's going through the exact same thing with Jessica, and then you can see where his ebullience on this matter is coming from.

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