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The New Shape Of Myself

Andy: "But you were saying the other day, about your vampire lady friend?"
Jason: "We're... Keepin' it casual. Which is fine."

They find the registration, and Jason actually remembers a fair amount of useful info about poor old Debbie -- "She's Alcide's girlfriend, in Shreveport; Sookie said she's batshit crazy" -- but it's for naught: Andy finds her vial of V, and gets very addict-y for a second. In the end, he hands the vial over to Jason, who nods proudly. It was kind of neat: Right before he does it, he sort of nods to himself, and I said, "Good man, Andy Bellefleur." And Jason's every bit as proud of him, as he opens the bottle and pours it out on the ground: "Good man."

On the other hand, that really could have helped with Sookie's eventual murder trial, but they have no way of knowing that, and maybe saved the vial anyway. Just something to think about for later.


The guy who runs this place -- a vampire supply store, like a gun store but with garlic pea-shooters and a million other cute merchandising ideas that must have made this set a perfect dream to decorate and film in -- is watching Newlin's (first?) big interview when Sookie comes in for anti-Tara (-Russell?) supplies. He sets her up with a silver-spray boobytrap for the front door, and then psychically wonders if she'd fuck him thanks to his awesome crossbow. Short answer, no, long answer, hell no. Mainly, this scene is interesting because his feelings are so hurt by Newlin's abrupt turnaround -- after all, he's a small business owner whose zealotry Newlin stoked and represented -- and because Sookie being in a place like this evokes so many feelings for you and for her.


Terry's flipping out -- nothing new there, especially on days he's working alone -- but when Arlene surprises him (after a possibly coincidental, possibly pyrokinetic flareup on the stove), he hurls her across the kitchen, which is new. To her credit -- and I'll give it where it's due, Arlene is awesome in this episode -- she immediately puts this latest outrage in context, and determines to pay Patrick a visit if Terry won't tell her what's going on. I am withholding judgment on the "supernatural PTSD" metaphor, because I think it's kinda gross, but there's so much about this that we don't know yet that I am fairly confident it could turn out okay.

In the books, all Sookie ever says is that she does whatever's necessary to avoid seeing inside Terry's head, because it's such a nightmare in there, and I've always liked how the show lets that stuff coexist with the wonderful things about him. So I guess it's within the show's mandate to give that its due, but of all the parallels the show likes to play with, I think this one would be the most harmed by becoming explicit in the way it's been presented so far. So here's hoping this Private Ellers is the main crazy in the tale.

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