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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

Hoyt's processing his momma breakup with Jason, but Jason thinks that "Big Maxine" might have been right to lie all these years about Hoyt's suicidal daddy. Hoyt is none too impressed with this, and points out that until the lie was revealed he was her personal property -- well, hers and Jason's -- and had no personhood to speak of. But Jason's not so sure: "That sounds like the same religious dogmuck Steve Newlin was trying to sell me on. I'm starting to think the truth, it's poison... People are always trying to fuck up other people's lives by telling lies about them. You want to really fuck somebody's life up? Tell the truth about them. They ain't never gonna be the same." I suppose being the only person in Bon Temps capable of grasping ambiguity -- or if not "grasping" exactly, still and always "holding dimly and softly" -- does have its downside.

Hoyt segues from this to discussion of how his life is ruined and the final indignity of his homelessness. Jason is carelessly sympathetic but not really listening, so Hoyt has to mention this last several times before finally impatiently yelling, "Jason. Can I crash at your place for a little while or not?" Jason is of course happy to have him, although a bit put off by his tone.

Stupid Lettie Mae comes to Lafayette's to see her daughter, and he tells her to keep quiet while Tara's sleeping. "This ain't about you and me building a bridge into our future together, all right? You shot a gun at me." Good points, all. Basically, he already missed his road crew job and needs to hit Merlotte's to earn his money, so he doesn't have time to discuss it beyond telling Lettie Mae that the only reason he called her is because Tara was asking for her.

Which I wouldn't have told her, personally, because it makes this all about her once again, but it's nice to see her face light up. I mean, Lettie Mae can go fuck herself generally, but in the specific I feel pretty sympathetic toward her. She's got a darkness specific to their family, and she's also trying her damnedest to get around the fact that she's mostly broken. Just like everybody else. She loves her daughter, she doesn't beat her anymore, and Lafayette's got his own issues with moms: Three things that make both of them pretty okay in my book, and for both kids' sake, at least, Lettie Mae can go fuck herself.

She's all, "In times of trouble a mama's the only person her baby can turn to," which Lafayette knows is not true in any way, especially in their family, and "Thank you God for this opportunity to heal my baby," which offends him on a whole over level: "None of that. Do everybody a solid and instead of looking up you need to keep your eyes on your fucking daughter." Because, note, "She ain't right to be alone." If Lafayette tells you somebody's on the brink, you fucking pay attention, because even if he's not a Guide anymore, the brink is still where he lives. He says he'll be home by midnight, and she apologizes for shooting at him that time, and he tells her once more to suck it as he's driving off.

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