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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

Sookie, fresh from a few hours' rest, is back at it. The recipient of her stomping and screaming this time? Bud Dearborn, who has fucking had it with vampires and their constant tornado of bullshit: "How the hell could [Kenya file a missing persons report] when the person that's missing ain't even a real person?" I questioned this -- seems more like something Old Andy would have said and Bud would have been naggy or depressed about it -- but I think Maryann broke something in Bud, same as in Arlene. I think he has turned from being uneasy with the supernatural, and the Other, to being downright against it, same as her. Meaning, I think that line is supposed to weird you out, because it's slightly out of character just enough to make you reevaluate him.

Not Sookie, though. She just folds that tiny racism into her larger point: "Okay, tell me you did not just say that, because if you did, I might have to forget that I was brought up to respect my elders. We are all supposed to respect our elders, and since Bill Compton's got about a hundred years on you, I think he deserves at least a hint of your respect." Having said that, Sookie gets back to business as though it never happened, talking about Lorena and how she is the suspect in Sookie's investigation and things of this nature, and finally Bud lays it out: "You have to understand, Sookie. I got dead bodies piling up on me -- dead human bodies -- so I can't be spending this department's limited resources following up on hunches about vampire-nappings." Valid points. But have you met Sookie Stackhouse? "See, I don't think I should have to understand that. Because I love Bill just like you love your wife and your children and your grandbabies. So to my mind, that makes him worth following up on." Never going to get more honest than that: What's the big deal about this guy? Sookie says. Well hell, why didn't you say so?

The kid at the tire shop, who is clearly Sam's brother Tommy Mickens, lies and says he is actually a Tommy Harmon, and that all he knows is that Tommy Mickens is an asshole and has been gone for six or seven months. Sam knows this is a lie thanks to Audrey, but doesn't push it. "A real piece of shit if you ask me," Tommy says, presaging emotional issues and self-esteem drama to come, and Sam's like, "Um, sounds like the Mickenses are overall really shitty people." When even a lady who cleaned out the entire house and left town on her fifteen-year-old adopted son is like, "Do not go find those shitheads," maybe you should pay attention. But Sam is not convinced this beehive should go unpoked.

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