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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

What also makes this situation stressful is the fact that nobody actually knows what happened, even though they were all there, because the whole town was being Bacchae at the time. Andy remembers, because he is magic; Jason sort of remembers because his brain only sort of works; Tara only remembers because of what Sookie and Bill did to her brain; and that's about it. So all the testimony in the world is not going to help, first of all, and second of all everybody's going to be filling in the gaps for themselves because that's how you live:

Like right now, Arlene is giving a little speech about how she's sorry for blocking the investigation the time her boyfriend Rene was killing all the ladies that time, but that she has seen the light and -- even though she doesn't remember it -- her experience with going Crazy and joining a cult has caused her to reevaluate things: " I have the utmost respect for y'all, because without law enforcement, we would be nowhere as a society." If you think of her personality as now being strongly pulled one way because of this thing she doesn't even really know happened to her, you can see a lot of where she's going from here: There's a dark place of abandon that has affected her life, and she's going to flee toward the light forever, just to feel control.

Of course, Tara knows what's up, and can't see her way to understanding Arlene's memory loss, so she just thinks it sounds like "a goddamn beauty pageant" instead of Arlene fighting the hole in her brain and trying to pull herself together. Tara jumps up to yell at her, and Lafayette mutters the obligatory "Oh shit," and she's off. Basically, she's offended that Arlene is more interested in kissing Bud Dearborn's ass and telling her whole story of what happened -- which she's pretty much just inventing -- than giving weight to the murder. "The only man I ever loved was just zipped up in a bag, and you don't even have the decency to pretend you give a fuck!" Arlene, wounded: "I give a fuck..."

Aaaaand Tara's off, calling her trash and generally being a nuisance. Arlene, to be fair even though I hate her more than anybody in this entire series, tries to be cool: "I'm sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, all right? But honestly, who here hasn't?" Tara screams that Eggs didn't kill anybody, and Andy points out that he confessed, but Tara says that either way he wasn't responsible, because of being controlled by a demigoddess with a hard-on for hearts and meat statues. Questionable, but as far as the death of him, totally true. He shouldn't have died. I mean, it's okay that Sookie showed him what he did, but Andy should have just cuffed him, and would have except for Eggs brandishing the huge ceremonial dagger in his face the whole time.

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