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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

Of course, nobody knows what Tara's talking about because they weren't actually there for that part, being zombies, so Arlene jumps to the next conclusion. Which makes her a racist, which she already is, but also makes sense because there's no context for Tara's claim that he wasn't responsible for all the murders he did. "Oh, why? Because of society? Because of slavery?" Terry's like whoa and everybody jumps back, but Arlene has unleashed the beast, and Tara tries to eat her face off. Lafayette grabs his cousin and takes her to Sookie's house, grabbing a bottle of tequila on the way out. "I doubt that'd surprise any of y'all," he says, acknowledging both the racist subtext and the fact that clearly his cousin needs a bunch of tequila right now. "I hate when they make everything about race!" Arlene says to the room full of white folks, with a sort of gorgeous lack of self-inventory that manages to turn her semi-faultless assumption back into the exact racism Tara was just accusing her of.

Jessica's got the trucker on the Compton stairs, begging him to stay alive and completely unsure of how to fix him. (CALL. ERIC.) He's not looking too good, but Bill's so self-hating that he consciously refused to teach Jessica anything about situations like this. Sort of an abstinence-only proposition: Don't do it and you won't have to deal with it. Dude thinks the hospital's a pretty good idea, but there's no way Jessica's taking him there, so she's reduced to asking him pitifully to just like not die. "You're a fucking whore," dude gasps out, and she -- oh, this was so sad -- tearfully agrees. "I know. I know I am." Her dad when she was alive, her dad when she was dead, Hoyt's mom, her own lot lizard act tonight: Pretty much agreed across the jury. Oh, Jessica.

Jessica hears a sound and busts out into the parlor, where Sookie has just let herself in. She is, of course, looking for Bill and not really interested in much else. Jessica tries and fails to look nonchalant, face covered in blood from her tears over the trucker creep, and she's like, "What up?" Jessica's ADD kicks into full swing as Sookie says that 1) Bill's been kidnapped, 2) He proposed, 3) Sookie didn't say yes. All of these things, Jessica responds to, completely forgetting whatever happened before, and also the man who is quietly expiring in the other room. Sookie tells Jessica to call her, even if Bill tells her not to, and Jessica's whole head jerks to the side at the idea of disobeying her sire. "I don't care, just do it," says Sookie, because not even the natural laws of natural nature are immune to her steel magnolia pushiness, and runs out to go bother everybody else in the world.

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