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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

And so you've got a lot of narrative complications, on a scene level as well as a season level, bursting out of that one idea -- that Bon Temps is more broken now than it was already, and everybody is scrambling toward denial even more than they were already, and those touched by the unseen are even more alone than they were already, because everybody else is circling their mental wagons and making mental casseroles for each other and pretending there's not a black hole in the middle of town where all their dignity and shame got shoved.

Or as Jason says, "I ain't even sure what normal is anymore." Andy suggests that, for Jason, getting tail is normal, so why not get some tail. Jason shivers, uttering his personal mantra -- "That's the old Jason, I wanna be New Jason" -- as usual, like a combination prayer and letter to Santa, and Andy just shakes his head. "When this thing blows over, you can go out and not get laid all you want to." Until then? "Conscience off, dick on, and everything's gonna be all right." He makes Jason say this new mantra with him several times, and it's adorable, and then he melts again into the shadows like a grunting awkward ninja: "I wasn't here tonight, Stackhouse."

Finally! Sookie drove from Bill's house to Shreveport, because I guess she just remembered that Eric is amazing. I mean, she's avoiding him because the last time she saw him -- and by that I mean every time she's ever seen him -- it got weird. Pam's working the door in a black PVC corset and looking amazing: "Now, I don't remember telling you lavender was my favorite color," she says regarding the pretty dress Bill got Sookie for their date. (On that note, her beautiful chignon is still intact and perfect, because while everybody else has been getting murdered and whatnot she's done nothing more strenuous tonight than stare at her reflection in a mirror and then run around screaming BEEEEEEEEL.)

"I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam." Heh. There's something so professional and near-friendly about this, like, "We can do this later, but not right now" that is completely and utterly charming. Pam thinks that's great too, and of course has no idea what's up with Bill, and then tries not very hard at all to keep Sookie from heading down into Eric's dungeon, where nothing good ever happens. "Sookie, stop. Don't. Come back," she deadpans, as Sookie comes running down ("WHERE'S BEEL?") and comes upon Eric jackhammering some tied-up ho. They had this jackrabbit sex in the first season, that time Liam gave Jason the unfortunate hard-on in the porno with Maude, and I still don't see the attraction. It just looks incredibly irritating. "What you're doing? Fucking stop it. That's not sex, it's just being rude."

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