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Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death (1973)

The wolves are sort of just rubbing their boners through their jeans at this point, and one of them is on top of the car with a flag waving in the air, and then Bill makes his move, swerving the car and knocking everybody out before snatching Coot's gloves and freeing himself from the silver and the flipped-over car. Bill, covered in blood, looks very nice. He wakes up Jessica with a mental call that makes her jerk awake in the hidey-hole, and then the smell of her dead bedmate makes her almost barf. Still dead.

Lafayette's got Tara on Sookie's couch, pumping her full of tequila and Klonopin -- "It'll keep them thoughts away till you is more equipped to deal with them" -- when Sookie gets home. She runs into Tara's arms, and immediately gets the sad news about Eggs's murder. Tara wonders aloud how Eggs even knew he was a serial killer, since the rest of them forgot, and Sookie swallows before explaining about the visit Eggs paid her. Tara is grossed out, I mean demonically enraged amounts of pissed, but it's my belief that this is still about what Bill and Sookie did when they double-teamed Tara's own brain. It still does not sit right with me, and it's my belief that we'll all be paying for that one for a long, long time.

Tara eventually lunges, tequila-soaked, and throws Sookie onto the floor of her house, climbing on top of her and screaming about her singing Eggs's death warrant. It is an ugly scene, one in a series, and once Lafayette pulls her off -- "That's Sookie, she's your best friend in this whole fucking world?" -- Sookie says that meanwhile, Bill's been kidnapped, and therefore they are in the same boat. I'm not sure what possessed her to say that, but it's classic Sookie. Tara reiterates her main point -- "He didn't need to know!" -- which I think also reiterates mine, which is that at least Eggs had a choice. Sookie tells Lafayette to get her out of there, and they take off.

Eric paces the dungeon with Pam by his side -- wearing a short robe and flip-flops and track pants, which is always a good look for him, given the attention it calls to what we call the Fight Club muscle group, just atop the hip bone -- yelling at a Mr. Rubin about some shit on his regrettable bluetooth. Essentially, he wanted Bill brought to Fangtasia! (specifically acting as Sherriff, note, so not really kidnapped per se) but instead he was gone when they got the French place. Eric melts down way more than we've ever seen him melt down, to the point where Pam utters his name warningly several times, and finally he wraps up by telling this Rubin to find a day person to get it done, or he'll be killed.

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