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Consequences Of Falling

"Chilled, carbonated blood. It's cruelty-free, all willingly donated. Note the citrusy finish? This one ate only tangerines for weeks." Russell and Bill sort of stiff-lippedly consider each other for awhile, and Bill makes some not-so-veiled threats on the Queen's behalf, but Russell finally makes his offer: Bill, as Sheriff of Mississippi Area II: "The world's only cactus plantation!" (Still not sure how the Areas work exactly, given that there are like five levels of vampire government that barely make sense in the books alone, and that's without the Magister weirding everybody out, but that would make him Eric's equal on at least a state-by-state level.)

"You didn't kidnap me and drag me across state lines just to offer me a job," Bill says, and Russell says not only is he too hung up on the American kingdoms, but that "those lines will soon cease to exist." Meaning, Bill assumes, that Mississippi plans war on post-Katrina Louisiana, but Russell assures him that waging war against Sophie-Anne is too barbaric and medieval for his tastes. With barely a glance, Talbot knows to excuse himself to drain the second course. ("Carlo, bring me that Thai boy!")

In fact, Russell says -- with a glance at the door as though they are not all vampires and thus have super-hearing -- he plans to marry Sophie-Anne. Bill nearly laughs, because she's practically gay and Russell and Talbot may well have invented the concept, but Russell assures Bill that Sophie-Anne will change her mind. With Bill's help, of course. Because what the Queen needs is rational argument from a solid, down-to-earth fella like Bill Compton. That's what she responds to: Good old logic and common sense.

So yeah, I'm not sure I understand this, but I'm not sure we're supposed to just yet. Like old Europe, vampire marriages are dynastic and serve to consolidate power. I'm still unclear on why Bill can help with this -- unless Russell's still trying to figure out why Sophie-Anne values him so highly -- but moreso I'm concerned with his saying that the kingdoms will cease to exist altogether. I mean, how many vampires are there really? I'm sure a lot of kingdoms are like twenty people -- all continually bowing to each other and acting all snippy and weird and bugging each other's houses and whatever -- so why go about it this way?

It's a very fucking Anglo-Saxon crowd over at Merlotte's once they start applauding Andy's murder of that young black drifter. Jason drunkenly takes in the media attention on the TV, and then the actual clapping of the many white people of Bon Temps around the bar, and something sort of snaps and before you know it he's standing on the table, looking down at Andy, giving a little ridiculous speech (any speech that concludes "you're the wind beneath my wings, man" is a bad idea) Andy shoves him back down in the booth. "You got nothing to be embarrassed about," Jason whines: "You shot the bad guy. Right in the head! Everybody loves you!"

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