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Consequences Of Falling

"With a mother like you, it's a miracle she ain't tried this years ago," he says, trying to get past Lettie Mae, and she is of course making a big old mess of herself, as is her way, but Lafayette is clear: "You've failed this girl for the last time, you hear me? Now get the fuck up out my way." Lettie Mae gets the fuck up out his way, and hangs against the wall looking all crazy as usual, and he takes the gagging screaming crying Tara out to the car. Man, Tara cannot get a break. Zombie boyfriend shot dead, unending church with her awful mom, and now Lettie Mae's even making Tara's suicide all about herself.

Sookie and Jessica are at Fangtasia! trying to get answers about that weird symbol they found on the werewolf body in Bill's car. There really was an Operation Werwolf, and it really was a Nazi commando force, but they weren't real werewolves. They sucked even more than werewolves. Eric plays it cool about the Werwolf brand, and Sookie says Bill's name enough times that finally Pam takes Jessica to the ladies' room so they can stare at themselves in the mirror. I know it's all go-go boys and boobies and Eric on that throne, but if I went to Fangtasia! all I would wanna do is watch Pam put on her makeup and say fucked up things.

Eric explains that werewolves are very secret because they are territorial, vicious, and pathologically secretive. Just like on that show Pretty Little Liars, but also just like vampires. When Sookie mentions this, Eric doesn't even have time to be proud that she said it, because he is trying to impress on her that she's likely to "Run through the streets screaming [Bill!] werewolf bait," and thus getting herself killed. This is because she is a human, and thus an idiot -- also an idiot, and thus an idiot -- but it's a problem because, as he says, her life is very valuable. I think he's trying to be nice with that, but in a way where he still has plausible deniability: Not "you are special to me" but "you have magic powers so fuck it." But just you wait, because I think that whole blood-bond thing (and maybe also the dead-Godric thing) is turning him super weird.

I also want to point out that he's telling her not to alert the world at large to the existence of werewolves, because they will kill her and/or her plan to find Bill will be stymied. So in about two hours, what Sookie's going to do is run directly to Terry and Jason and alert them to the existence of werewolves for no real reason. That is literally the first thing she's going to do.

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