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Consequences Of Falling

They've been cleaning awhile, the sun's in the sky at last, by the time Sookie has told him about the werewolves. "Holy shit. Bigfoot? Is he real too? Santa?" She asks him to focus, explaining that there's nothing either of them can really do. "Every sound I hear, every time the phone rings, every shadow, I think it's Bill. I keep expecting him to come through the door and say... Sookeh."

And yes, it's as adorable as you might assume. Jason offers to visit Andy -- leaving out the whole werewolf part, I'm sure for at least an episode or two -- on her behalf, explaining that they went through "some pretty intense shit together during the whole Maryann thing," which he says he doesn't technically really remember, and though I'm still a little confused about how knows what, I think he's mostly lying, because of Eggs: "And don't even think about reading my mind, because I just wanna put all that behind me."

Sookie feels guilty about wrenching open Eggs's mind -- though still not Tara's -- because that's what sent him to his death, but Jason assures her she's not to blame for that. He's shouldered enough of that blame for everybody. OTOH, Sookie points out, Tara's pretty much over Sookie completely, and maybe she deserves it. Jason assures her it's the thought that counts, and says not to worry: Just get some rest. "Let me worry about Bill for a while," he says, steering her to her bedroom: "It's just you and me now. Well, you're gonna marry Bill so now it's you, me and Bill..."

Speaking of families of uncommon closeness, Tommy Mickens wakes Sam up to a face full of shotgun, and orders him into the Arkansas house where Sam followed him last night and then I guess fell asleep. Inside, Tommy calls for "Momma" and "Joe Lee," his father, who gives me a real bad feeling. Melinda's crotchety but not crazy, and Joe Lee is in his dirty underwear, and they are both totally gross-looking. We'll soon find out that Sam and Tommy are both full-blooded children of these two broken folks, which makes the first name basis even creepier. Melinda takes some time figuring out who Sam is, and Tommy takes just a second longer to get real suspicious and mean-eyed about it, and I can't quite put my finger on it but man, I do not want to get to know these people.

The grossest of the Werwolf weres, all stringy hair and motorcycle boots, follows Sookie to Merlotte's. "Grab her, knock her out, be back in time to watch Let's Make A Deal," he thinks, but before Sookie can do whatever dumbass thing she's thinking of doing -- When was the last time she had some V? Dallas? -- Terry shows up and the guy's gone. "Usually when I see things other people don't, it's because I ain't taking my medication," Terry offers, but she's already off.

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