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Sookie throws her arms around Sam, confused at his apparent health, but soon enough we see Bill limping toward them, holding his arm crooked and nearly dropping. "Is Sam all right? He had to drink more of me than I expected," Bill explains as she holds him. "I promised Sam that I would heal him. We knew no other way of destroying her." For the first time, Bill realizes, he wanted her to hear his thoughts. That he could comfort her across the silence. Sookie thanks Sam, now wearing his jeans, for risking so much. "If things didn't work out, I guess I... I was ready." That's how we do it in the real world. No Godric, no Luke: Just the realization that we would if we had to.

Jason and Tara come running up; she goggles at the bride's body before running into Sookie's arms. She doesn't remember anything -- "It was bad, wasn't it?" -- and while Sookie holds her she orders Bill (who really does look like a pile of laundry at this point) and Sam (who just died and turned into God and killed something majestic, all in the last three minutes or so) to clean up her fucking lawn. Tara shivers, wondering if it's really over this time.

Hoyt throws himself on his mother's knee, thanking God she's finally come back to him. She's curious about the missing time: "The last thing I remember is meeting that red-headed vampire of yours, and then I..." She reaches up to her hair, her face, and discovers Band-Aids on her neck: "She didn't ... bite me, did she? You let a vampire feed on me? he's ashamed. Why on Earth would you choose that girl over your own mother?" Hoyt admits that she was kind of asking for it, but that he broke up with Jessica immediately after the biting commenced. Quick enough, he's told her about the main offenses Maxine perpetrated while under the influence, ending with Daddy's suicide. He knows that part was true, he says it anyway to see her face, she doesn't cover well, and he finally begs her to lie about it, essentially. She refuses.

"You're nearly thirty. You should know the truth." Hoyt freaks out and throws himself away from her, laughing angrily. "I should have known the truth when I was ten! Or, hell, when I was 25? All these years you keep me here, you keep me from moving out, from going to college... From doing anything, all because you were scared of some burglar that never existed," he cries. Her voice is honest. "I was scared. I'm still scared." Not good enough. "Just because you didn't want to be alone, instead of letting me be an actual person?" That line kind of got to me. That's intense. Not to mention the Jessica parallels again: Daddy Hamby didn't want anybody coming into Eden, and Maxine Fortenberry didn't want anybody going out. "You know what I wish?" he smiles hatefully: "I wish that Jessica had finished you off." Her hands fly to her mouth, and she weeps long after the door's slammed behind her.

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