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Arlene leaves yet another voicemail at her house, terrified of what's happened to her kids in the meantime. Terry comforts her while Lafayette takes care of the survivors, and Jason offers to take her home to check. The whole town, knitting themselves back together. They're shocked by a sudden scream: Jane Bodehouse has located her finger, in the chest of the broken rotting goddess. Jason grabs her, swinging into action, and everybody runs off to get her to the ER. Lafayette flips a scarf over his shoulder and wonders how he got there, past Bud offering a contrite Andy his job back: "This town's a hell of a mess, and I'm man enough to know I can't shoulder it myself. You might have your faults, Andy, but at least you got pants on."

Sam spots a deer, delicate and lovely, standing in the road. He weeps for her, for all of them, but wipes the tears away when Bill interrupts. He looks like a boy. Bill thanks him formally, and when Sam bristles he reminds him they both just wanted Sookie safe. "Well, she's family," Sam says lightly. "But they all are. If there was a way to save 'em, how could I say no?" That's been one of the loveliest (if not the most graceful) threads in this season: Watching Sam take ownership of the town, his place in it, the people that drive him crazy. Losing that stance of his that kept everybody so far away. Daphne was his Amy Burley, and will be remembered just as hatefully, but it is still good.

"I am grateful that you would reveal your gift for the sake of the town," Bill says, and Sam points out his final realization: "You suffer more hiding something than you do if you face up to it." Bill's face changes, suddenly: First shame for his secrets, and then something else, a recognition of the ways in which Sam is a better man than he is. He says goodbye, and when Sam turns back the deer is gone.

Eggs, washing his hands madly, goes back to the basics: "Where's Maryann? She's gotta know what happened." Tara knows that's over, and was never a good idea, but now's not the time. "We're okay. That's all that matters." Eggs points out that huge amounts of blood on his hands is hardly okay, and she remembers how Sookie helped her get some of her memories back, and assures him he doesn't want to know the real shit. "All that stuff's in the past. Why dwell on it? Can't we just start fresh?" (Dammit, Tara. No. Eat it and keep living.) He notices blood under his fingernails and goes back to the sink; Sookie appears and stares at him but Tara can't even talk about how weird he's getting.

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