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Tara tearfully apologizes once again for fucking everything up, and -- not by way of excuse, just explanation -- tells her that Maryann centrally made her feel like part of a family. Sookie grabs her and the Adele song starts as she once again explains that Tara is part of a family, and lives in this house, and no longer needs to apologize for her existence. 364 more days and she'll believe you. They look at Mike Spencer -- still on the floor where Sookie bonked him -- and Tara says she'll take care of it before sending her up to bed. Everything else, they'll clean in the morning. Eggs stares at the window over the sink, and his reflection in it, and the darkness on the other side.

Bill's standing in the window upstairs in the most bizarrely posed, male model way. It's awesome. She asks him how long it is before sunrise, and tells him to hold her for one minute less than that. He smiles and kisses her forehead, and they hold each other for a little longer.

Adorable Charlaine Harris tells Sam she never expected anything like that shit to go down in Bon Temps, sitting at the bar, and Tara thanks him for even opening Merlotte's after everything. "It's not just my bar. It's everybody's," he explains, and she says it's called Merlotte's after all, and he reminds himself that isn't really his name either. "Doesn't really say anything about me, does it?"

Lisa forgives Arlene, sitting in a booth, and it sends her into fresh tears. "You shouldn't even have to know what that word means!" she says. Coby assures his mother that it's fine: "Mr. Merlotte kept us company. He took us to see some vampires, and one of them can fly!" Even Lisa smiles; I can't get a read on Arlene's feelings about that one. She's a little weirded out, and though she loves Sam and knows he's a good man, he's not their family. She will never know how untrue that is. "I'm the one that should have been there. I'm so sorry about that, okay? But I promise you that from now on, I'm gonna be the best mama in the world, okay?" Arlene's feelings are really affecting. I like it better when she's being gross and funny, because when she cries or feels stupid it makes me feel just awful for her. Like, worse than the people I actually like. I would like to attribute it to the actress, and certainly that's a huge part, but at the ugly bottom I think it's just classism. She's just so honest, I can't deal with it.

Terry appears with a couple of toy guns and a funny t-shirt about how crazy and PTSD he is, and he assures Lisa and Coby that he's going to keep an eye on Arlene whenever they can't. "That way, we can all take care of each other, okay?" Arlene's touched, he's intense and sort of sexy, the kids are fine with that arrangement. Sam and Tara start screaming at her to come work, and the last thing Coby asks her is, "When you went away for all that time, you didn't go see Rene, did you?" She awkwardly says he's still on his Jesus vacation, and when she's gone they nod to each other: Definitely dead.

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