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She takes his hands, finally, sending him back to the first blackout. Laughing with Maryann in her car, going somewhere in the daylight... And it fades. They concentrate, pushing, and he lets her in further. "Okay. Okay, you're in the woods. There's a woman there with a... Cane?" Miss Jeannette totters up to them in full witchy regalia, crooked and uncanny... And then she's on the ground, Eggs has gone black. Maryann stares down at her: "You're a vessel to the Other World. You will bring forth my God." Miss Jeanette swears she isn't. She never knew what she was. Sookie's God should have protected her too. She was just a door for Maryann to walk through. She never knew what hit her. The memories come faster now: Daphne, Sam... He runs into the forest, Sookie begging him to stop, crying for him, begging his forgiveness.

Jessica comes down the Compton stairs looking determined and sneaky, and very lovely. Very young. "Jessica!" Bill says expansively, and sweetly informs her that she "looks quite a vision" before inquiring proudly as to her plans: "Are you off to see Hoyt Fortenberry?" She doesn't know that he's giving her approval and assent because she has never seen those things. "So what if I am? You're going to see Sookie, aren't you?" He grins and gets explicit: "It's fine. In my day, the gentleman came to the lady's house to court her, but... Times change." There's something awake and wonderful in him, and Jessica doesn't know him well enough yet to see what it is.

Bill notes that Maxine's no longer chained up in their house or playing scary Wii, and Jessica nods. "He took her home yesterday..." she says a little wistfully, and Bill sends his best wishes. Jessica tries to open up about it, mentioning the "little fight" they had last night, begging Bill to inquire further, but he doesn't. "I was just gonna go over and make an apology?" Bill assures her that he'd be a fool not to accept, and his smile is so delightful and inviting that Jessica sweetly asks in turn where the two of them are going. His tail wags mightily and he dorks out, sort of blowing Jessica's mind: "To a French restaurant! Do you know I haven't been to one in over seventy years? Humans seem to love them! They go there to celebrate!" She cutely tells him to be back by five, and he eyebrows at her to be back by four, and opens the door for her, and sometime in the last paragraph I sort of fell in love with Bill Compton a little bit. That's new and troubling.

Sam stands at a strange house, taxi behind him, and he calls the woman behind the door "Mrs. Merlotte." To her credit, she's not wormy about it at all. She feels terrible, she's not all that happy to see him, but she doesn't call him a monster or anything. She tries to be honest. It's a fresh take. There's a baby monitor and family photos on the mantle: None with him. "It'd be hard to explain to friends who think we never had children." She asks him to sit down, and he won't. "We never thought we'd see you again," she says, and he points out that we have the internet now. She's terribly ashamed. "Sam. If you came for an explanation, I don't have a good one. Mitchell and I were down to our last nickel, and we were scared. We still don't know what we saw that night..."

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