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Sookie struggles, and they tell her give in: "Let it take you!" Sookie, whose penchant for getting kidnapped and caged up has run rampant this season, assures them she's done being "taken," and Maryann laughs. "Shush, you haven't been taken, just borrowed! To go along with Old, New and Blue over here," she says, gesturing to Jane and Tara and Arlene. "Which one am I?" Arlene asks, and Maryann smiles to herself.

The bride excuses her rudeness in not asking permission to wear the dress -- "You'll probably never use it anyway" -- and when Sookie tells her to go to hell, Tara hisses like an animal. Maryann asks her to chill -- "It is my day," after all -- and Sookie says this is her house and her friends. (Plus Jane Bodehouse, who cackles and swears she's always liked Sookie. Being the town drunk/ho means never having to pull class on retard barmaids.) Sookie yells at Maryann some more, and her mouth goes firm, ordering the bridal party out of the room. "And bring some vines?"

There's scary music as Maryann steps to her maid of honor, but she smiles easily. "I'm all yours. Give it your best!" She is speaking, of course, with spirit fingers Sparky Polastri would envy, of the electricity. Sookie swears she doesn't know what that was last week, but Maryann is enraptured at the thought. "I never felt anything like it, it was like nature herself was shooting out from your fingertips!" She wants to swim there; she knows Sookie can teach her.

Standing there with nothing on but a borrowed dress, with the voltage running through her skin, Sookie reaches out. She stares, awkwardly, and woggles her hands awkwardly at Maryann's face, finally grunting and shoving her collarbones weakly. "That's hitting me," Maryann explains. "You're not committing to this at all." Sookie swears she doesn't have "electrical powers," that she's a human being, but Maryann laughs. "You keep saying that!" To demonstrate, she vibes at Sookie, who is perturbed but not otherwise affected. "I would have taken you over by now," Maryann laughs, stepping close. "Come on, it'll be our little secret. What are you?" Sookie's bewildered; she doesn't know Maryann's being friendly right now, and just sees a madwoman in a stolen dress, standing in a desecrated shrine. "I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?"

At the Fortenberrys', Hoyt's sleeping a hasty contraption tied around his wrist, pink thread tying him to every room. Maxine sings outrageously while he sleeps, doing the twist; when she notices he's really out she grabs her nasty casserole and makes a run for it, but she trips on one of his wires and drops the casserole heavily. He jumps and grabs her immediately, and she screams "Norman Baaaates!" at him. He promises -- never, ever say or do this, on this show or anywhere else -- that he's going to take everything she's said this week, about him and about Daddy, and lock it up in a little box, and forget it ever happened. She growls at him, trying to explain the immensity, weeping with religious fervor and the beauty of the moment: "This is bigger than your petty little feelings. A God is coming into our midst, does any part of your puny brain understand what that means?" He is tender with her; she throws a cushion in his face and runs away again delightedly, but he catches her up again.

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