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Eric promises to take care of it, personally, and reaches up to kiss her again. Ludis calls them back to the game, and after a moment of lying there bewildered -- Hadley looking on, sad and jealous -- he pops his fangs back in and sits up as gracefully as possible, as though it never happened. They're animals, just like anybody else. He rolls the dice, and the Queen rolls her eyes. "You suck at this." (This game that she just explained takes no skill, at least in the throwing, and then demonstrated every way she could that she was lying, she's saying, even when you think the rules are equal they are never equal. You can be bad at Yahtzee! and never know why.)

Walking toward Maryann's house, Andy Bellefleur's worried about going in without backup, but Jason explains that Andy is the backup. "Now, this is Special Ops. We're surgical. One shot. Say hello to my little friend: Boom! Hasta la vista, baby. Ah love the smell of nail polish in the morning." Oh, Jason. When he catches a look of the revels in the yard, the drummers, Eggs dancing, people whirling in circles around torches while Sheriff Dearborne sends out nonsense squaredancing calls in his boxers, he is moved and insulted. "That's Stackhouse property. They got no right to do that." Tears running from his eyes, he starts ramping them up, talking faster and faster, psyching himself up by giving Andy a nonsense pep talk. "You see that house? It's been in my family for 150 years. Now, what kind of man would stand by while his grandmother's house gets torn to the ground?" Andy points out that she's not his grandmother, but Jason's not talking to him. He grabs his neck and forces their foreheads together: "But it's in the town you swore to protect. It's times like these when this town needs a good man, Andy. And that man is us."

They wade through the dancers, that chick from the station that wanted Jason so bad jumps on Andy, and they quickly lose sight of each other. Terry's worried that somebody will see the bride before the wedding, and finally they both go down in a moving pile of bodies, almost devouring them, taking their guns; when Jason fights clear and finds Andy, his eyes are black as night. "HE'S COMIN'!" Andy shouts, and punches Jason in the face, and when he stands up again his eyes are black, too. He grabs an old woman on his grandmother's lawn, and kisses her hard.

Sam's just got Lisa and Coby to bed in his trailer; Lisa was so worried about Arlene she couldn't sleep at first. "If you'd let me glamour them, they would have been asleep in seconds," Bill says in that way of his, and Sam rolls eyes. They discuss the maenad and Sam says he doubts Maryann's going to stop with him, either way. She's gone too far: "Killers don't just suddenly quit killing, you oughta know that." Unnecessary, Merlotte, but I guess he's feeling sort of helpless and touchy. Bill orders him to come with, and Sam is not feeling that, and then there are some fangs, and man, Bill, you should have stuck with "Sookie needs you," because you don't show teeth to a dog unless you want to see some more. But it's scary and suspenseful, and this whole half of the episode is so totally Grand Guignol Baby Jane nutty that this is what counts.

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