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Arlene licks blood onto the giant egg, and passes it around the bridal party's circle. Sookie finally goes, "Okay, what is with this egg? Did you lay it?" Imagine if you could, though. If you could lay your own egg. Maryann grins and says it's a symbolic ostrich egg, that it represents fertility. As with any bachelorette party, it's more about the things you don't want to do than the things you do, so they all start yelling at her about how she has to lick the egg. Finally she dips her tongue in a goblet of some blood -- whence? -- and licks the egg. They laugh, and sing.

"Only through the blood will He come," Lafayette groans lasciviously. The gender stuff that conferred his Guide status last season is in full effect here: Straddling the line between male and female the way Jason touches it at its poles, neither/nor to Jason's either/or, he is the physical expression of what Maryann is looking for, which is heiros gamos, the holy marriage: A union of God and man that represents transcendence. All transcendence is temporary, but it all redounds back to this, the union of opposites -- no inside/outside, higher/lower, above/below: Exactly what gives Lafayette his power, and the tiniest taste of which is what he and Amy Burley gave Jason so long ago. And its' saved him, again and again, even this year. And now, that force is just as important as Eggs or the bride or even the Triple Goddess. Maryann has to bring it all, be inclusive, if she's going to find the right mixture, just like the Fellowship thinks they can keep stripping things away (kindness, rationality) to find it. Just as Godric and Luke died for, and with, each other and each of us.

Bill brings Sam to the yard as Maryann licks the egg the last time, and everybody cheers. "Your vessel has arrived!" Jason announces, and when he notices Sookie in her dress he tears up, touched. "Sookie! You look beautiful!" She's terrified, and sad for him; Maryann unties her and the women shot and scream. "I will not be part of anything so evil," Sookie repeats once again, and Maryann sighs. "You're the brother? Maybe I could kill you." She strokes his neck and he smiles, excited. Sookie promises she'll do it, if Maryann doesn't hurt anybody, and her brother is disappointed. He's elected to manhandle Sookie out into the yard, and when Sookie yelps at his rough handling, he shouts back at her angrily.

The bridal party makes their way down the stairs, capering and gibbering. A truly amazing, deranged string quartet plays a scary wedding march. Arlene and Jane spread petals in the bride's path, followed by Tara dancing with the egg, and Lafayette with the bull mask in his arms. Terry and Eggs laugh joyfully as they arrive. Andy carries the bride's train, shuffling like Renfield. Bill calls out to Maryann with Sam in his arms, and Sookie is horrified. "My sweet vessel!" Maryann cries, and he offers the exchange. Sookie knows he'll be killed; Sam knows it won't stop with him. Maryann juts her chin out to the men. "Take her to the dead man. She's served her purpose."

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