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Rough Music

Jason shoves her forward, yelling at Bill all the way, even as he's tossing Sam back across to Eggs. "This is the only way," he promises her, and she shouts and struggles. Sam tells them to get her out of there -- "I won't have her watch me die" -- but nobody's listening. Maryann looks at him with infinite love: "I will always be grateful to you." She touches his face as he swears it's not for her. The men drag Sam away, struggling and shouting, and Sookie whisper-yells at Bill. "This is what your vampire source told you to do? To give up Sam?" Bill asks her to trust him; it's remarkably less sexy when it's Bill saying it.

Maryann raises her arms for the invocation as Lafayette puts the bull's mask on the meat tree, which repeats her gesture. She's just making shit up at this point. That's all we're ever doing. "The God with horns!" Lafayette shouts when it's in place: "Worship him, bitches!" Tara places the egg in the goddess's chest, and Andy gasps with anticipation: He's coming. God is coming.

"Hail Dionysus," Maryann calls, and they respond, repeating. "Bacchus. Bromios. Eleutherios. Dendrites." There is a bathtub in the yard, burning and black smoke. "All these names of Yours, our bull-horned God. Upon this occasion of our marriage, our offering symbolizes the rebirth of our God." Jason holds a twig before his heart, like praying hands. "When He was a child, the jealous Titans ripped Him to shreds, eating all but His heart. And this last piece was saved by His sister, Pallas Athena, Who placed it into the womb of His mother so that He could be reborn." What if you could lay your own egg?

Maryann holds her hands up to the goddess: "Oh, Great Mother. Soon You shall have the heart that will make Your egg grow fertile." The congregation stands, supplicant. "And Your son, our bull-horned God, will come and stand in Your place." The music starts again, wild and rough, and the men bring Sam out tied to a ladder of blossoms and saplings. Sookie calls to him, horrified, as they stand him up against the goddess. "Oh, at last," Maryann weeps. "At long, long last. He is Yours, my Lord." Eggs approaches with the knife, and she looks at Sam in love and gratitude. You've never seen a love so strong as the look Steve would have given Godric on the tree. "You're lucky, Sam. It's everyone's wish to have their life mean something. So few ever get to realize that." It's all Godric wanted; it's all Luke ever had.

Terry, Arlene, the rest of them, call for the sacrifice. They don't care for invocations and prayers, they don't understand anything but the vulgate. "Sacrifice him!" shouts Andy, and Sookie calls out to Sam to use his gift. The power and the shame they carry in common. "Sookie," Bill mutters, "Use yours." Eggs thanks Sam lovingly, and plunges the knife into his chest; Sam dies as Sookie screams, and Arlene laughs delightedly.

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