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Them Vs. Them
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Oh well, it's just pandemonium. Bodies flung through the air willy-nilly, stupid Roy or whatever his name is doing this Irene Ryan hoedown dance, Marnie getting her Maleficent on, Eric chasing Bill around the place which is like six foot square, Sookie getting all up in the middle of it and tossed around like a ragdoll, silver on the faces of the vampires, faces ripped off the faces of the non-vampires... Let me tell you, it is a mess.

But then Eric gets the edge on Bill, and Sookie can't be having that, so with a guttural yawp she faeries the shit out of him*, screaming NO MORE!

And then his face turns ever-so-subtly back into a regular Eric face. They stare at each other for a long time, working out the complexities of all that, and Sookie's a little chagrined, a little overextended this late in the day, but not half so much as Eric. He looks like he just found his dead dog and then remembered he ran over it and subsequently then also remembered that he hated that dog.

*("Who better to mediate supernatural disputes than somebody whose powers are centered around discerning false from real, magical from mundane, compassion from selfishness? If she can learn to use these things actively, a sort of living Trump XIV, there is no illusion or delusion that she can't burn through...")

Marnie's bummed -- "Broken," she whispers -- but not as bummed as Antonia, who comes out for a little guilt-chat at this time. Apparently she just realized starting a war meant fighting one, and all this collateral damage -- note, the bodies seem mostly female, with a high percentage of moms -- is not really what she had in mind. If you are disappointed that we don't get to see this fight play out in some Sméagol fashion, as I was, well: stay tuned.

Nan: "Bill, image."
Bill & Eric's fangs: Vanish instantly and they stand up straight (Eric covered in blood).
Nan-at-large: "Everybody stay calm, the Fire Department and EMTs are on the way; I myself am a trained caring and a certified first responder..."


Jessica: "Right away I need to stress that we didn't do anything wrong."
Jason: "But yeah we did."
Jessica: "Hoyt and I broke up with each other. Brutally."
Jason: "I didn't break up with him, though."
Jessica: "I'm the other woman in your bromance now?"

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