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Them Vs. Them

("I'll never forget about you. You're in my heart. Always. You're my brother. You are loved. I love you.")

Andy muses on how the treehouse is where he went to live when his parents died, and then Terry leaves him there to walk back into town, like a free man.


Night falls and the vampire squad shows up at MoonGoddess: Bill and Eric, Jess and Pam, dressed to the nines and looking ridiculous, with a '90s-sounding remix of the title song playing, and it's just ludicrous.

Next week: No idea, but it seems like Pam blows up MoonGoddess and possible Arlene wears a necklace made of toes.

Meantime: Man, that Tommy thing. I think it's like this, besides just loving him anyway: He was the youngest of the suicides. Younger than Andy, Marnie, Tara, even New Eric. And he was the youngest of the shapeshifters: Younger than Toni, Eric, Bill, even Alcide twisting around Debbie's insane needs, warping himself into new shapes. And he was the youngest of the two-natured: Younger than Eric, Sookie, younger even than Jessica most ways. He had the smallest life, the shortest and the least consequential, and he died for no real reason. He wasn't even collateral damage to the War -- that was just Them against Them. He never even found an Us.

But that also makes him essential, because he was bearing the full burden of this entire season. They said it was the Season of the Witch, but it's not: It's the season of Skinwalking. Hating your own identity so much that you have to change into something else and pretend you can leave yourself behind. Right in front of our eyes, he was carrying the whole thing, and we never even noticed.

And if you look at this group of people, this Them that never noticed him, it's funny. Because out of all the two-natured, all the shapeshifters, all the suicides, the only one who seems to have his shit together at this point is Eric Northman. He has both Erics in him now, and they both look out of his eyes. He has the peace, and he has the fire. All of Godric's hope and faith, his broken heart, and look what Godric made. The most selfish man who ever lived, giving himself away utterly. Soft and hard at once, stronger than before, just like Godric wanted most. Godric, who carried Season Two just like Tommy did this year; Godric who died for our sins. Godric who first taught us, and them, about Us and Them. Godric, the opposite of Tommy Mickens Merlotte in almost every single way, except the ones that count. I don't think it'll be a Rainbow Bridge, and I don't think it will be angels, or even a white light. But I know it'll feel like home. And I think I know who'll be there to meet him when he comes.

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