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Them Vs. Them

Also: I really wanted to make a Rainbow Bridge joke about Tommy, but it just made me too sad.


Tara: "That's Latin, Holly. I don't speak Latin, do you?"
Holly: "Yeah I speak Latin, I need it for my job. Idiot."
Tara: "Okay, but what if we say it wrong and then there are locusts?"
Holly: "NGL. But my thought is that magic is about energy and intention, and maybe the Goddess will know what we mean either way."
Tara: "That's a big fuckin' maybe."
Holly: "Your attitude is not helpful. What we need here is some faith."
Tara: "That's ... Not really my thing. I'm intellectual."
Holly: "Uh you burnt the shit out of your hand on a fuckin' doorknob, there's a 400-year-old witch and two zombie vampires in the bathroom, you're telling me you don't have faith in magic? It's all around you."
But even better: "Believe that there's something out there that's bigger than Us, and it's on our side."

And on theirs. That's what makes it so big.


Antonia: "Peace out, Crazy!"
Marnie: "Antonia! Don't be ridiculous, we still have a lot more genociding to do."
Antonia: "See that's the thing -- there weren't any vampires at that vampire show."
Marnie: "But they were sympathizers!"
Antonia: "But so what."
Marnie: "And we almost killed the King!"
Antonia: "One King, out of fifty. In this country alone. It's a big world out there. With lots more vampires in it. Back in my day the world was flat and there were like two continents at most."
Marnie: "But you were so good at genocide!"
Antonia: "I guess I'm just not as angry as you are. I was a healer and a midwife for most of my life; I got into necromancy to save my village from fever. Marching those dicks out into the sun was not even really about payback."

Marnie: "I don't understand. Don't two wrongs make a right? Doesn't feeling sorry for yourself count for anything anymore?"
Antonia: "No, it's like... If somebody hits you, and you hit them back, that's two things that happened. First they are a jerk, when they hit you. And then you also are a jerk, a person who hit somebody. The fact that they were a jerk doesn't mean you are not also a jerk. It's not like a coupon you cash in. Do you really not understand this concept?"
Marnie: "No, for I am a loser and a pretty shitty person."
Antonia: "Yeah, I'm noticing that."

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