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"Look. I know you love your daughter. And I know you love your Momma, or else you wouldn't be here. But this is a serious situation for all of us. Demons can kill. And this one will, given half a chance." Tara's like, Oh hell no, and Miss Jeanette shows her fire: "Y'all need to calm down." Tara sits down, shoved there by her eyes, quaking. Miss Jeanette lifts the largest stone. "The sacred crone-stone. It's been in my family since Africa. My generation was twelve kids, but the stone chose me." She walks across her crooked house, and takes a sack off the possum's cage. Tara freaks out on her, thinking the possum is going to be added to the quickly growing pile of things stacked on her mom.

"-- Soon as that demon leaves your mother, it'll be looking for a new place to stay." She shoves her back down again. "Come on. We're all gonna have to be still. Don't even breathe. Let it find the possum." She moves her hands along Lettie Mae's spirit, feelings its angles and its topography, the country she once owned. Lettie Mae gasps when Jeanette puts the stone on the demon, and breathes through it. Jeanette takes up her black drum and begins to sing.

Sing a crone-stone song
Sing what land made me
Dream-tinker is my drum
I hold the power of the stone
The water, the leaf, the dirt
Stone, water, leaf, dirt

Lettie Mae starts to jump, and jerk; it hears and it crawls up from the dark below her skin as the rhythm of the crone song stirs in them all, under the silver full moon: maiden, mother. Beautiful crone. And the demon, and the sacrifice.

Sing a demon song
Sing the night that made you
Dark and wet, hungry and cold
Trapped in darkness forever
Lonely for the light
You are safe here

Safe, safe

Safe and welcome
By the power of the stone
I bid you depart
And join the world of light!

The world is full of strange sounds, screams and cries, as Jeanette sings to the demon in its own language, shouting at the darkness; the possum begins to jump and squeal, and she puts its cage into a tub, holding it down as it struggles. And all that pain and care and worry flowed out, from me to him. She takes up her cane and pushes it down like Betty Davis with Narek and waits for it to go as Tara shakes her head terrified. Sing the night that made you.

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